Platelet Transfusion

10 Importance of Platelet Transfusion

A low MPV with a low platelet count in the bloodstream can develop secondary to specific medical or hereditary reasons. When this happens, the number of platelets in the blood is considerably lower than levels normally needed by the body. It increases the risk of bleeding considering that platelets are responsible in blood clot formation.

causes of nose bleeds

10 Causes of Nose Bleeds

Are these some of the questions you sometimes have in mind? Well, nose bleeding is a common experience that may sometimes become very worrying. It has actually been attributed to the fact that the human nose contains several blood vessels which can easily bleed upon irritation.

direct thrombin inhibitors

10 Essentials About Direct Thrombin Inhibitors

Thrombin plays a central role in the generation of blood clots to stop bleeding. However, a blood clot that forms and remains in a vessel of the body (thrombus) can cause vascular obstruction.

stop nose bleeds

10 Ways to Stop Nose Bleed

Most nosebleeds that occur in the anterior or frontal aspect of the nose only involve one nostril and not as severe as the posterior type. With the posterior type of nose bleed, blood may sometimes drain back into the throat, causing potential distress.