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Being serious in controlling hypertension, it’s very wise to regularly have your blood pressure in check.

In fact, doctors worldwide highly recommend patients to keep an eye on their blood pressure at home and not only during hospital visits. And this is possible with the utilization of portable blood pressure monitors – a digital monitoring device of today that can be used anywhere.

There is a really broad scope of blood pressure monitors available in the market. There’s the good ones, but a few of the best ones.

The digital age has innovated a heap of blood pressure checkers that certainly can now be considered ideal in terms of accuracy, features and usage.

Here are some blood pressure monitors found to be excellent in these aspects. The information below can serve as your guide to find the most fitting choice:

Blood Pressure Checker / Monitor

1. Panasonic EW3109W

panasonic blood pressure monitor

The highly appraised monitor is renowned for its accuracy, ease of use and value. Through the device’s LCD Display, patients will not find any trouble in reading their blood pressure results.

What’s more is the Flash Warning System which automatically notifies patients if the readings are within the hypertension range.

Additionally, it has a Digital Filter Technology that acts as a sensor and filter for pulses that can work against outside interferences for the purpose of giving out reliable readings.

The lightweight device also includes an Easy Fit Cuff that guarantees comfort and precise recording of data.

With over 90 readings that can be stored in the device for future use, Panasonic EW3109W is perfect with its superb features and may be exactly what you need.

2. Omron 7 Series BP652

omron 7 series 2

Look no further than Omron 7 Series BP652 if you’re into simple wrist based blood pressure monitor.

The well-designed device is a one piece unit which attracted and has become very popular with people who love to travel.

Also, it has been admired worldwide for its accuracy and modest price.

It can store two user accounts, with a storage value of 200 readings per user and can compute the mean reading for each.

Heartguard Technology is one of the prime features of the device that addresses the concerns of faulty readings given by most wrist based instruments. This feature automatically alerts the monitor if the blood pressure on the wrist is similar to heart level.

BP652 model of Omron 7 Series by all odds strikes a spot considering its magnificence and advanced attributes.

3. Ozeri CardioTech BP3T

ozeri cardiotech

Accuracy has been the primary reason why the blood pressure checker has been famous to many buyers. Besides that, it also features detection of double pulses.

Ozeri CardioTech BP3T supplies more precise data than most other blood pressure monitors available in the market because of the technology.

Furthermore, the product can also keep track of dates, readings and a computation of average data for each of the two stored users.

Its accuracy and high-quality technology are only two of the reasons why Ozeri CardioTech BP3T is one of the best blood pressure monitors in the market.

4. Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor (WPM02)

withings smart

Who would have imagined that your phone can now be used as a blood pressure monitor?

Well, now it is possible with the arm based blood pressure monitor manufactured by Withings. With the device, your iPhone or Android becomes the principal component in monitoring your blood pressure, making it very portable and easy to use.

The high-tech instrument also allows patients to perform functions like keeping track of and graphing readings as well as sharing data to families, friends and doctors easily.

Being highly recommended by experts, it’s a top-grade in accuracy and efficiency too. And so, if you want a super convenient monitor, then Withings Smart WPM02 Blood Pressure Monitor is a clear choice.

5. Omron 10 Series BP786

Omron 10 Series

Omron 10 Series BP786 is another product where you can use a smartphone in keeping track of your data.

With its Bluetooth Smart feature, you will be able to synchronize your readings through an application known as Omron Wellness.

It also has a TruRead feature wherein the monitor takes three readings with one minute apart in-between readings and display the computed average data.

Moreover, it has an Extra Large Display and colored indication lights that alerts users if the reading is normal or requires attention. The device makes it to the list because of the inexpensive price but high-tech attributes.

6. Omron 10 Series BP785

Omron 10 Series 2

While it may seem that many blood pressure monitors has accuracy issues, researches have shown that the crucial part in order to receive correct data is the proper placement of the cuff.

The product has Dual Sensors to ensure accurate readings for patients.

Another specific feature of the product, like Omron 10 Series BP786, is the so-called TruRead, to guarantee a more accurate reading for the regular user.

Also, it has a ComFit Cuff that expands automatically to suit arms that may be larger in size.

With its numerous high quality features, Omron 10 Series BP785 hits the spot in many ways.

7. LotFancy Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

LotFancy Digital

FDA approved and CE certified, the product is high-rated because of its portability and efficiency.

Customers have been leaving positive comments about how they find it easy to use devices like this. It also features a big LCD display to ensure no problems are encountered when reading blood pressures.

Additionally, one of the prime attributes of the product is its Irregular Heart Rate Detection.

LotFancy Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is best in terms of number of users since it can accommodate four individuals with thirty reading storage value for each person.

With the device, you can find a brilliant mixture of feature and technology.

8. GoWISE USA GW22052


When GoWISE USA introduced the superb digital blood pressure monitor, it has been appraised by its purchasers.

The reputable precise readings started on majority of the comments by users.

Despite being an upper arm blood pressure monitor, it has been remarked positively for being an easy-to-use blood pressure device for it can be operated with just the use of one hand.

Also, it features extra large digits for easy reading by users. With its countless features, your use of GoWISE USA GW22052 will be super comfortable.

9. Omron 5 Series BP742N

Omron 5 Series

This quick and easy blood pressure checker has also been continuously receiving positive feedback mainly because of a number of favorable features.

The device has a Dual Settings where two users can monitor their blood pressures and even store them up to a hundred readings per user.

It can even compute the average three recent blood pressure readings of its users.

It also includes a Wide-range D-cuff Ring which can suit a broad extent of arm circumferences.

Admired by doctors worldwide, the device features an Irregular Heartbeat Detector where users are informed if there are irregularities in the individual’s heartbeat while monitoring.

Without any doubt, Omron 5 Series BP742N also strikes a spot considering all the attributes it can offer.

10. Omron 3 Series BP710N

Omron 3 Series

If you’re up to get readings by just one touch, then Omron 3 Series BP710N works best for you.

With the device’s One-Touch feature, users will receive accurate readings by just the press of a single button.

Like the previous product, the device is also known for its Wide-range D-cuff Ring (accommodates numerous arm circumferences) as well as the Irregular Heartbeat Detector (notifier for irregular heartbeats) technology.

If you wish for a super simple yet accurate blood pressure monitor, Omron 3 Series BP710N is ideal.


Indeed, blood pressure monitors play a vital role in the health of an individual, may it be a person who suffers from hypertension or not.

Although there are lots of monitors available, not all are accurate and efficient. In fact, choosing the best blood pressure checker could be a crucial concern for some.

So, before spending your money on the wrong device, it is very beneficial to make sure that you have read about the best ones relevant to your needs.

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