10 Ways To Donate Platelets For Money

10 Ways To Donate Platelets For Money


There are many reasons to donate blood or one of its components to another individual. It can be for helping out someone in need, a dying patient or just for money making. Donating blood is not harmful for you or the recipient who is finally going to get it, unless you suffer from an illness that can be transmitted through blood or a condition where blood donation is not recommended. Platelets are required for a number of reasons by different individuals for a lot of many purposes than what may be generally known. They can be simply used for a patient who needs platelets, or probably for lab or research facility experiments. It can also be needed in blood banks or organisations, likely for storage significant for any future needs.

The donated platelets are first tested and then immediately stored for use. Donated blood and blood products always undergo a strictly controlled and managed process of killing any disease-causing bacteria or virus or any other organisms to render it safe for use. Before the final use of these donated platelets, they are again tested and passed through the rigorous process of sterilisation. But how to donate platelets for money?


Ways to donate platelets for money

A number of diseases require blood donations from individuals which will be used in the management or treatment of such blood related illnesses. The following are some of the ways you can use to donate platelets for money:

1. To a patient.

Platelets are required by a patient suffering from a disease in which either his platelets are defective or just low in number. It may also be required after any major blood loss due to an accident or surgery. If platelets are not transfused to the patient, then he risks to bleeding of his important organs and die. You can sell your platelets directly to such a patient who is not able to get a donor from any of the usual sources such as blood banks. Read uses of blood platelets in patients.

2. To the family of a patient.

A similar patient as described above may not be able to have direct contact with you in buying out platelets from you due to his serious condition. But you can still donate platelets for money through the family of this needy patient and be helpful in saving his life.

3. Through a newspaper.

Sometimes a patient or his relatives are not able to get platelets through routine sources due to shortage of blood or blood components. They may also not be able to easily get it directly from a third party considering that there are no exact places where you can donate platelets for money. In such a scenario, these families of patients or the patient utilize the most widely used media of all times, the newspaper. You can contact the person who requires platelets through the newspaper and proceed as required.

4. Through an individual.

A middleman can also be used to achieve such a task. These middlemen keep a note of who requires platelets and who is available for donation. They then help the transfer of platelets from the donor to the recipient and make some money in the process.

5. Through an organization.

Some organizations are also interested in platelet selling business. These organizations follow a similar procedure as a middleman does but on a larger scale. The organization is not a blood bank since it is charging money to the recipient.

6. To a blood bank.

A blood bank stores a large number of blood packets along with its components from various donors. It is usually free to donate and receive the blood or its components. The blood banks are mostly linked with hospitals who give the demands for blood when a patient needs it. The blood bank provides the relevant material as necessary. Blood bank builds up its stock of blood by accepting donors at a large scale. They draw the blood from a donor and test it carefully for various diseases that may make it unusable. They simply accepts the blood and either use it as whole or make components out of it.

7. To an animal research facility.

The veterinary doctors and scientists sometimes use human products to compare diseases especially in mammals. They use the platelets of a diseased or a healthy individual to compare its manifestations and effects on diseases and drugs.

8. To a human research facility.

Research on humans is of many variety and now followed on a large scale. This is to find out the cause and treatment of certain diseases. In order to achieve this, they require a lot of samples to test their hypothesis and treatment on. Your donated platelets will be experimented on to elicit the effect of a drug or a disease in humans and compare it to normal human beings.

9. To a drug company.

Drug companies target a specific disease to invent a curative drug for it. In order to conduct lab experiments with the new drugs that they have synthesized, they require human blood samples. A research with drugs passes through many stages before finally being conducted on living patients or subjects. A drug is first tested under lab conditions with blood samples and subsequently conducted in lab animals.

10. To a laboratory.

Certain disease causing viruses only grow in a specific medium which can provide nutrition to them. Usually such ubiquitous organisms are viruses. A platelet rich medium or the blood provides them with exactly what they need to grow. This technique can be used to grow the viruses and tested with different drugs. It may also be used to show the growth of the virus from another sample. Either way, the platelets act as a nutrient rich media for the organisms to grow.


To donate platelets for money, you need to have your pick from the above mentioned reasons. All of these reasons are for a good cause even if you donate the platelets for money. The donated platelets will be totally helpful to a person in need or a lab with objectives of finding out new information about various diseases and their treatment.

Platelets donated for money are kept in specialized bags that contain certain chemicals used to keep them alive and viable for use in a longer time.


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