what is fibrin

10 Essentials About Fibrin

Fibrin is a strong insoluble protein produced by our body in response to bleeding. Whenever a tissue damage results in bleeding, at the site of the wound, a soluble protein found in blood plasma called fibrinogen becomes converted into fibrin molecules by the action of a clotting enzyme called thrombin. The fibrin molecules combine together … Continue reading “10 Essentials About Fibrin”


10 Facts About Hemostasis

What is Hemostasis? Before we proceed to learn more about some vital aspects, let us first define hemostasis in the simplest form. Hemostasis Definition: It is the natural process that causes bleeding to stop. 1. Primary and secondary hemostasis In this process in which the body naturally forms clots to stop blood loss, hemostasis is … Continue reading “10 Facts About Hemostasis”