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10 Blood Clot Treatment Essentials

Introduction Blood coagulation can be triggered by a variety of factors including: • Heart failure• Maternity• Prolonged immobility• Substance abuse• Medication side-effects• Surgery• Inherited coagulation disorders These are just a few of the causes of blood clots. When left unattended, a thrombosis can be life threatening. It can hinder normal blood circulation which can lead … Continue reading “10 Blood Clot Treatment Essentials”

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10 Essentials About Plasmin

Blood clotting, or also known as coagulation, is a process that prevents excessive blood loss when a blood vessel is injured. The ability of the body to control the flow of blood following vascular injury is paramount to survival. Blood clots may occur under different circumstances and different locations. If the blood clot takes form in … Continue reading “10 Essentials About Plasmin”