10 Alcohol and Blood Pressure Essentials

alcohol and blood pressure
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Undoubtedly, health and fitness continues to be a growing worldwide concern.

Obesity has also become an epidemic; and lifestyle related diseases are constantly on the rise, both in rich and poorer countries.

A very common experience is high blood pressure.

Either totally ignorant about the dangers that unhealthy lifestyle practices pose to health, or failure to recognize the need of healthy lifestyle changes, it will be dangerous risk.

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Let’s consider ten essentials about alcohol and blood pressure.


Alcohol and Blood Pressure

1. Alcohol consumption can raise blood pressure

Alcohol can raise blood pressure levels. It would not be wise to consume alcohol in large amounts if you already suffer from high blood pressure.

With increased blood pressure, you can have sudden stroke especially if you drink more than one glass per day.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol to lower your chances of hereditary diseases

It would also not be wise to drink alcohol if you have a family history of high blood pressure or alcoholism.

This will only increase your chances of developing the disease considering that much alcohol increases heart rate and weakens the body’s immune system in performing it’s peak level.

It has also been found that some folks may see no problem with taking an occasional glass of wine, but sufferers of the disease that comes along with any other underlying condition or complication should completely avoid alcohol drinking.

3. Alcohol should not be taken while on medication

It probably would not be the best for your health to drink alcohol while taking medication, more so in the management of blood pressure.

Some blood pressure medications come with numerous side effects that can be worsened with the intake of alcohol.

4. Increased chances of getting other diseases

It has been proven, that a person with one lifestyle related disease is more likely to be diagnosed with another.

For hypertensive people who consume alcohol, it also puts them at a higher risk to get diabetes.

5. Alcohol lowers medications ability to work

With alcohol in your system, it makes it difficult for hypertension medications to work in bringing about maximum benefit.

6. Alcohol impairs judgment

Accordingly, due to impaired driving capability, there have been numerous road accidents costing so much lives.

7. Alcohol increases chances of obesity

Alcohol causes glucose to linger in the bloodstream making it easier to gain weight, especially around the waistline.

The best recommended eating plan for hypertension is the DASH diet.

8. High blood pressure can be more difficult to control if overweight

The best remedy for this is to maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables and incorporating an exercise regime.

9. Alcohol can increase chances of a heart attack in high blood pressure patients

A person with high blood pressure can greatly increase their chances of having a heart attack if they consume an immense amount of alcohol.

10. Alcoholism and high blood pressure are two diseases that should never go together

For this reason people whose family have a history of alcoholism should avoid drinking at all costs.

If necessary, seek for counseling.

Key Takeaway:

If you want to live a healthy normal life, then it would be well within your best interest to lower to a drastic minimum your alcohol intake.

Moreover, if you are hypertensive, then you should seek the aid of a doctor on drinking occasionally a glass of wine, especially when on medications.

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