10 Beets and Blood Pressure Essentials

beets and blood pressure
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High blood pressure is a common health problem affecting a huge number of the population. It’s a good thing to have natural ways that can help manage the condition.

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Eating particular diets is proved to help in reducing the effects of high blood pressure, and one of the ways is through consuming a plant known as beets.


Beets and Blood Pressure

1. Beets improve energy and memory

Beet is a colored vegetable containing a number of nutrients easily absorbed in the body.

Using the beet root juice not only improves energy but also improves the memory of a person. It enhances the performance of a person in many levels.

It keeps the immune system stronger along with lowering blood pressure, among other benefits. (livelovefruit.com)

2. Rich in nitrates

Beets are rich in nitrates which when consumed is turned into nitric oxide gas that lowers the blood pressure of a person.

It helps relax the muscles where the blood vessels including the arteries stay properly dilated. This help in supporting easier blood flow which eventually lowers the blood pressure. (mercola.com)

3. Best consumed in juice form

Beets are best consumed in its juice form. However raw and cooked beets are also consumable. They still retain their nitrate level no matter how long they are cooked. (drdavidwilliams.com)

4. Helps reduce 10 mm Hg blood pressure

Taking a cup of beet juice daily offers natural solution to the problem of high blood pressure.

Actually, it helps reduce about 10 mm Hg blood pressure because of the dietary nitrate in the plant that relaxes the walls of blood vessels therefore improving the flow of blood.

5. Rich in vitamin and minerals

Beets are rich in various nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C, Folate as well as fiber and antioxidants, which should be supplemented with fruits and vegetables in order to support the reduction on risks of high blood pressure.

Since beets juice provides a good source of potassium and folate, both will play a significant role in regulating the blood pressure of an individual by promoting blood vessel’s health through battling homocystein which risks damaging the blood vessels.

6. Results can be achieved in a few hours

A glass of beet everyday can display reduction in blood pressure within a few hours after taking.

The amount of nitrate in the juice has the same component similar to taking a nitrate tablet to reduce blood pressure.

Other foods rich in nitrate include spinach, carrots, and lettuce.

7. Improves oxygen and blood flow to the brain

Furthermore, drinking beet juice helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain especially in older people.

The bacteria in the mouth converts the nitrates in the beet into nitrites, that helps open the blood vessels in the body to increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain.

8. 10% reduction in the risk of death due to heart failure

Within hours of drinking the juice, it lowers the systolic blood pressure (it is the top number in the reading of blood pressure levels), by 4 to 5 points in healthy people. This can equate to about 10% reduction in the risk of death due to heart failure.

9. Improves blood vessel dilation

Taking beet juice on a regular basis also improves blood vessel dilation capacity by 20 percent while reducing artery stiffness by around 10%.

The changes in the functioning of the blood vessels results to a substantial reduction in heart diseases. Also, there has been no known side effects associated with taking beet juice regularly.

10. A natural alternative to drug use

The beet juice has shown to be a better alternative than taking drug when lowering blood pressure.

But, it doesn’t mean that you ignore prescriptions. It simply tells that natural management is more conservative than chemical means.

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Key Takeaway:

Beets can help lower high blood pressure even among people already suffering from hypertension in a long time. It also has the ability to affect human physiology because of its high concentration on nitrate nutrients.

The best recommended eating plan for hypertension is the DASH diet.

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