• medical weight loss

    10 Essentials of Medical Weight Loss

    What is Medical Weight Loss Being overweight or obese can be very detrimental to blood, heart and vascular health. Various methods have been devised to deal with weight loss, from conventional ways to exceptionally modern approaches. A very ideal and fundamentally important aspect to be aware of when managing weight is that weight gain occurs […]

  • how to get rid of spider veins

    10 Ways On How to Get Rid of Spider Veins

    What are spider veins Spider veins are dilated capillaries that looks twisted in appearance, resembling spiderweb-like pattern. As you may know, having spider veins is a problem that a lot of men and women can suffer from. It is usually harmless but not good-looking. Everyone wants to look and feel healthy. Suffering from spider veins […]

  • auses of broken capillaries

    10 Causes of Broken Capillaries (Spider Veins)

    There are small blood vessels that connect the veins and arteries. They are called capillaries and some may be seen on the surface of the skin. When a capillary is broken, it results to the appearance of thin, red or blue thread that becomes visible on the skin. This is common on body areas including […]

  • venous thromboembolism definition

    10 Essentials About Venous Thromboembolism

    What is Venous Thromboembolism Definition: Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the lodging of a blood clot in the vein. The formation of blood clot in a deep vein, which happens usually in the leg, is referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The breaking loose of a clot that makes its way to the lungs is […]

  • what is dvt prophylaxis guidelines

    10 DVT Prophylaxis Factors To Know

    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that develops in larger and deep veins of the body. It usually happens in the lower leg and thigh, although it may occur in the pelvic area, arms and neck. DVTs can be dangerous and life threatening. When the blood clot grows larger, breaks up, moves through […]

  • blood clots during pregnancy

    10 Essentials on Blood Clots During Pregnancy

    Blood clot occurs when platelets clump together and the blood thickens due to injury. But it can also happen when abnormal changes within the blood vessel triggers the blood clotting process resulting to thrombus (solid clump of blood) formation inside the vessel. This can cause damage to body organs in severe situations which can lead […]

  • deep vein thrombosis symptoms

    10 Deep Vein Thrombosis Symptoms Vital For Assessment

    DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is one of the most critical circulatory system-related cardiovascular disorders affecting a large populace worldwide. The condition mainly affects the large veins of the thigh and lower leg. This article will tell you the most commonly observed deep vein thrombosis symptoms. The prevalence of DVT has worsened to becoming one of the leading cardiovascular disorders […]