10 Best Tips To Lower Blood Pressure Fast

lower blood pressure fast

High blood pressure symptoms aren’t usually easily noticeable. If not detected and managed early enough, it can heighten one’s chances of heart attack, dementia, stroke, and kidney disease.

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Coronary heart diseases ranks as the number one killer among different diseases worldwide. And it is closely associated to high blood pressure making the condition a well-known threat to life that need not to be ignored. Below are 10 best tips to lower blood pressure fast.


Lower Blood Pressure Fast

1. Shedding off extra weight

Health experts advise that shedding off extra weight is a key in keeping blood pressure on check.

However, it should be more considerably applicable to those whose weight are outside a healthy weight range.

The more weight an individual loses from being overweight, the lower the blood pressure can be attained.

Besides, shedding off extra weight makes blood pressure prescription medications more effective.

2. Exercising

Regular physical exercise is a great way to shed off extra fat and promote better blood circulation.

It’s one of the best-known ways in managing high blood pressure. Simple exercises like walking, jogging or simply doing household chores can evidently help lower one’s blood pressure.

3. Healthy diet

A healthy, balanced meal is another key to maintaining and improving one’s blood pressure. Focusing on a balanced nutrition and eating meals low in saturated fats and cholesterol is greatly recommended.

These include whole grain, fruits, low-fat dairy products and vegetables. Also, food portions need to be reduced to ensure desired results. The best recommended eating plan for hypertension is the DASH diet.

3.Reducing salt intake

Salt and high blood pressure don’t and will never mix.

Reducing salt intake by even a small percentage from one’s diet can drastically lower blood pressure.

4. Stress reduction

Reducing stress levels or avoiding it completely can reduce blood pressure.

It’s advisable for one to pay particular attention to lowering his or her stress levels especially when at risk of high blood pressure due to several reasons like being overweight.

A number of activities can help you calm down as you deal with daily stresses. These include daily exercise, forms of relaxation like meditation, eating healthy and undertaking stress management programs.

5. Reducing alcohol consumption

Alcohol, if taken in moderation can be good to your health.

The fact is that, when taken in small amounts, it can potentially lower blood pressure.

However, its healthy and protective layer is lost if consumption is increased.

Consuming above moderate volumes can actually also raise your blood pressure severely.

Alcohol can also lower the effectiveness of blood pressure medications thus making them provide no result at all.

6. Quit smoking

Each cigarette smoke taken increases an individual’s blood pressure several minutes afterwards.

Quitting smoking helps a smoker’s blood pressure to come back to normal.

Smokers’ who quit the habit, regardless of their age and sex have shown to achieve substantial improvement in life expectancy likely due to notable decrease in blood pressure levels.

7. Reduce coffee intake

Caffeine, a substance in coffee can increase blood pressure suddenly by about 10 mm Hg especially in people who don’t have them often.

Non-frequent coffee drinks should consider the need to avoid or reduce their intake compared to habitual coffee drinkers where there is little or no effect to their blood pressure.

8. Surround yourself with people who’re supportive

Supportive family, as well as friends, can help improve one’s health even to a small degree.

They can give encouragement and help you take care yourself, embark on an exercise program or drive to seek for a doctor’s help.

9. Monitoring blood pressure and seeing a doctor regularly

Monitoring blood pressure at home and regularly visiting a doctor can help you keep tabs on your health.

Also making certain lifestyle changes is an amazing idea towards containing and reducing blood pressure. Any slight change can make it easier to monitor and have potential danger contained in time.

Besides, it is one significant way of reducing blood pressure.

10. Medication

There has been an impressive improvement in both conventional and non-conventional blood pressure medication.

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Taking medication as per doctor’s prescription and advice can greatly reduce high blood pressure.



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