10 Facts About Hemostasis

What is Hemostasis? Before we proceed in learning some of the vital aspects, let us first define hemostasis in the simplest form. Hemostasis Definition: It is the natural process of the body that takes place to stop the onset of bleeding. 1. Primary and secondary hemostasis The process pertains to a response of the body … Continue reading “10 Facts About Hemostasis”

Blood Clot Symptoms

10 Common Blood Clot Symptoms

The blood flows to different parts of the body through the blood vessels. When a body tissue is injured, the damage likely indicates impaired blood vessel integrity which can lead to bleeding. If the body does not develop an effective clotting mechanism to prevent the bleeding, excessive amount of blood can be lost. What is … Continue reading “10 Common Blood Clot Symptoms”

what are platelets

10 Facts About Platelets

Platelets Definition What is platelets and what does it do? Also called thrombocytes, platelets carry the function of stopping bleeding by performing clogging and clumping mechanisms at the site of impaired blood vessels following an injury. To define platelets the simplest way, it’s the blood component primarily important during the blood clotting process. Blood platelets control bleeding … Continue reading “10 Facts About Platelets”

inr test

10 INR Test Facts

The human body is an integration of complex system of tissues, each with a definite function. Normally, the body has a certain mechanism in store to defend various delicate body organs in case of an attack or damage. The involvement of antibodies in the immune system, self-healing processes, and coagulation, among others, are some of … Continue reading “10 INR Test Facts”