Blood Clot Symptoms

10 Common Blood Clot Symptoms

The blood flows to different parts of the body through the blood vessels. When a body tissue is injured, the damage likely indicates impaired blood vessel integrity which can lead to bleeding. If the body does not develop an effective clotting mechanism to prevent the bleeding, excessive amount of blood can be lost.

direct thrombin inhibitors

10 Essentials About Direct Thrombin Inhibitors

Thrombin plays a central role in the generation of blood clots to stop bleeding. However, a blood clot that forms and remains in a vessel of the body (thrombus) can cause vascular obstruction.

antithrombin iii

10 Essentials About Antithrombin III

Antithrombin is also known as Antithrombin III or AT 3, a small protein molecule that plays an important role in helping to control blood clotting in the body by inhibitory regulation of thrombin. It is a natural blood thinner produced by the liver.

Blood clot in arm

10 Signs of Blood Clot in Arm

Blood clotting is an important biological process in the human body where specific blood components work together to stop excessive bleeding and prevent blood loss. The primary component of the blood responsible for blood clotting is called platelets. However, some medical disorders interfere with the function or production of platelets resulting to a lesser or … Continue reading “10 Signs of Blood Clot in Arm”

tissue thromboplastin definition

10 Essentials About Thromboplastin

Thromboplastin is an enzyme that helps in blood coagulation with a function of catalyzing prothrombin to thrombin conversion. It is a very intricate enzyme that can be found in diverse tissues including the lung, brains, and more predominantly the blood platelets.