clotting factors

10 Significant Clotting Factors

The process of hemostasis is made up of different mechanisms, all with the same objective; to prevent excessive blood loss and promote healing, maintaining an equilibrium. A brief overview on the mechanism of hemostasis in response to disturbance in the vascular endothelium: When the endothelium is ‘provoked,’ it reacts by activating a series of reactions … Continue reading “10 Significant Clotting Factors”

what is fibrin

10 Essentials About Fibrin

Fibrin is a strong insoluble protein produced by our body in response to bleeding. Whenever a tissue damage results in bleeding, at the site of the wound, a soluble protein found in blood plasma called fibrinogen becomes converted into fibrin molecules by the action of a clotting enzyme called thrombin. The fibrin molecules combine together … Continue reading “10 Essentials About Fibrin”

Blood clot in arm

10 Signs of Blood Clot in Arm

Blood clotting is an important biological process in the human body where specific blood components work together to stop excessive bleeding and prevent blood loss. The primary component of the blood responsible for blood clotting is called platelets. However, some medical disorders interfere with the function or production of platelets resulting to a lesser or … Continue reading “10 Signs of Blood Clot in Arm”

causes of nose bleeds

10 Causes of Nose Bleeds

What causes nosebleeds? Why is my nose bleeding? Why do I have random nose bleeds? Are these some of the questions you sometimes have in mind? Well, nose bleeding is a common experience that may sometimes become very worrying. It has actually been attributed to the fact that the human nose contains several blood vessels … Continue reading “10 Causes of Nose Bleeds”