10 Stroke Treatment Options

stroke treatment
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Strokes usually occur due to problems with the blood supply.

It happens when one of the blood vessels in the brain is blocked by a blood clot. It can also occur due to the rupturing of the blood vessels.

Having stroke is feared greatly especially by aging people. Though, 80 percent of stroke is preventable.


Stroke Treatment Options

The method of stroke treatment will vary depending on whether it is ischemic or hemorrhagic. The ischemic stroke is caused by the lack of blood flow while the hemorrhagic stroke is caused by bleeding of the blood vessel.

Treating an Ischemic stroke

This kind of stroke happens when an oxygen carrying artery in the brain is blocked by blood clots.

Doctors therefore treat it with medications that act by breaking up the blood clots. Ischemic stroke treatment can be done through:

1. Taking Aspirin

Aspirin helps by preventing formation of blood clots in the arteries. It reduces the risk of getting another stroke.

2. Injection of TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator)

The tissue plasminogen activator also called rtPA works by allowing the clot to dissolve and therefore leading to an improved flow of blood towards the brain area that initially had reduced blood supply.

TPA administration if done within 3 to 4 hours after stroke may increase the chances of recovery from the stroke.

3. Endovascular procedures

This is also known as mechanical thrombectomy whereby trained doctors send a wire caged device called a stent retriever to the brain part where the blocked artery is located.

The stent acts by opening and swallowing up the clot.

4. Use of Catheter

This is done by doctors that involves inserting a catheter that consists of a long thin tube through an artery to deliver TPA directly into the brain part where the stroke has occurred.

5. Carotid endarterectomy

This is a method of stroke treatment where a surgeon opens a carotid artery along the neck and removes the plaques blocking that artery.

Treating a Hemorrhagic stroke

This type of stroke happens when an artery leaks or ruptures in the brain. The stroke treatment methods for the type include:

1. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment may be done to stop the bleeding if the stroke is caused by bleeding.

If it happened due to rupture, a metal clip is placed at the base of the rupture to secure it.

2. Endovascular procedures

This method is almost the same as that of treating ischemic stroke.

In this case, a catheter is introduced into the body through a major artery.

It is then guided into the aneurysm (a bulge in an artery) and deposits a mechanical agent to prevent rupture.

3. Arteriovenous malformation Repair

Doctors recommend AVM repair when the stroke is caused by an AVM. This helps prevent further bleeding in the brain.

4. Stereotactic radio surgery

This is a very advanced treatment method whereby multiple focused beams of radiation are used in order to repair vascular malformations.

5. Intracranial bypass

Bypass of surgical intracranial blood vessels may be done as a way of treating poor flow of blood to the brain region or aneurysm.

After treatment of stroke, doctors may recommend that you start working on healthy lifestyle changes which may include eating healthy, managing stress, maintaining a healthy weight and quitting smoking.

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