10 Causes of Spotting Between Periods
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    10 Causes of Spotting Between Periods

    What Causes Spotting Between Periods On average, women passes around 40 ml of blood for an entire menstrual period. The menstrual period usually lasts for around seven days. However, for some women, their menstrual period is characterized as heavy with prolonged menstrual flows where in some extreme cases, the flow turns chronic, painful, and extended. […]

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    10 Causes of Irregular Periods

    Missed Period? A Late Period? Irregular Periods? A menstrual period refers to the shedding of the uterine wall lining in women which normally happens between adolescence and menopause. Regular menstrual periods occur between 21 to 35 days which last for four days to a week in most women. Why is my period late? What is […]