10 Uses and Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

uses and benefits of cord blood banking
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Most parents are deciding to engage in cord blood banking without understanding the realities.

The general belief is that this organ contains stem cells that are very useful in the treatment of complicated diseases.

While this is true, there are still many details that people are not aware of. Below is a list of the uses and benefits that come with having your own cord blood bank.


Uses and Benefits of Cord Blood Banking

The uses and benefits of cord blood banking can extend to individuals beyond the cord blood donor child. It can also be used for first and second degree relatives. These individuals may include the child’s parents, siblings or grandparents in consideration that they are a qualifying HLA match.

1. Beneficially easier to extract than bone marrow collection

The cells are easy to extract, which makes the procedure quite safe and painless on both the child and the mother. The alternative method, which is bone marrow collection, is a procedure that is invasive. It also requires general anesthesia when being undertaken and it has inherent risks.

2. Engraft at a higher rate

The stem cells seem to engraft at a higher rate. They also tolerate HLA mismatches more, and they have a lower rate of attacking the recipient tissues in what is known as graft-versus-host disease. They also do not contaminate easily from latent viruses. The body thus has a higher acceptance rate for the cells when compared to cells taken from the bone marrow.

3. Efficient Treatment

The treatment is very efficient. The cells are collected in advance and all the necessary tests performed. It is then stored in a frozen state ready for use. This makes it easy to use anytime when needed, unlike in the past where a donor had to be searched for and consent obtained. The entire process results in wastage of precious time that could be critical to the patient.

4. Doesn’t Require Perfect Match

The transplants do not require a perfect match. Research has shown that treatment can still take place effectively even when the donor and the recipient are partially matched. This means that a relatively small pool of donors can meet the needs of most people sufficiently. It also has about 39 percent chances of matching with a sibling.

5. Lower Risk On Transmission Of Viral Infection

The chances of transmitting viral infections are highly reduced. This is the risk posed by using the bone marrow technique. The Epstein-Barr is a virus that is latent in almost half of American adults. This makes the possibility of having it in a donor quite high. CMV, on the other hand, is found in about one percent of newborns.

6. Several Treatment Benefits

Stem cells from the umbilical cord have an array of uses. They are not only used to treat cancer and blood diseases but several more. Research has indicated that there is a probability for them to be used in treating Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, autism and many more. The future is, therefore, very promising.

7. Biological Insurance

Most parents are still ill informed about these benefits. It is evident that the promise this organ brings has an important place in the future of humanity. It is important to look beyond family history and see the range of illnesses that they can help treat. Because one cannot tell when or if calamity will strike, it is advisable to take precaution.

8. Less Danger

Less danger of difficulties when utilized as a part of transplants.

9. Autologous Transplantation

Ability to utilize one’s own particular undifferentiated cells for conditions that as of now need restorative treatment choices, otherwise called “autologous transplantation”.

10. Preservable

Preserving them “stops the clock” and shields the cells from maturing and being presented to ecological components and normal infections that can diminish their capacity.

Cord blood banking has many benefits. The general public, however, is still largely uninformed of these new developments. This has seen some private banks take advantage of the situation and rip off those who want to secure a future for their children.

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