Platelet Aggregation Test

10 Platelet Aggregation Test Facts

Platelet Aggregation Definition What is platelet aggregation to begin with? To better understand the procedure, we have to define platelet aggregation. It involves the clumping together or platelet-to-platelet adhesion in the blood. It is part of a series of events necessary for effective hemostasis that leads to the formation of a thrombus or blood clot. It normally follows the … Continue reading “10 Platelet Aggregation Test Facts”

coagulopathy definition

10 Essentials About Coagulopathy

Under normal circumstances, bleeding after an injury stops after some time due to the clotting process called coagulation. The clotting process is interplay of various proteins in the blood called clotting factors (i.e. coagulation factors). And when clotting fails, serious consequences follow. Coagulopathy Definition Coagulopathy is a condition in which the blood’s ability to clot … Continue reading “10 Essentials About Coagulopathy”