Platelets Function

10 Fundamentals of Platelets’ Function and Handling

Platelets function in the control of bleeding by clogging and clumping in response to blood vessel that has been injured. The blood component perform the role during the blood clotting process with the help of other coagulation factors within the blood system.

blood clot treatment

10 Blood Clot Treatment Essentials

These are just a few of the causes of blood clots. When left unattended, a thrombosis can be life threatening. It can hinder normal blood circulation which can lead to the lack of blood supply to delicate tissues. When the blood clot suggests harm, proper medical management should not be ignored.

Understanding The Normal Platelet Count Range

8+ Normal Platelet Count Essentials

Maintaining your levels within the normal platelet count range is important. You may find it difficult to have a clear understanding on what are platelets, but in simple terms, platelets are primarily the blood components with a very important role in blood clotting, a very essential body function that takes place in response to bleeding.

Vitamins and Minerals Good For Low Blood Platelets

4 Vitamins and Minerals For Low Blood Platelets

Platelets are blood components primarily responsible in the blood clotting process. For a healthy functioning, the presence of folic acid (B9), vitamin B12, vitamin K and calcium is important. Moreover, platelet formation is supported by the presence of vitamin C and omega fatty acids. Read foods that increase a low platelet count.