Fireman’s Carry One Man Carries for Emergency Rescue and First Aid

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The Fireman’s Carry in first aid refers to a technique used to transport an unconscious or injured person from a scene, typically when other methods are not feasible. It involves the rescuer carrying the person on their back, with the person’s legs straddling the rescuer’s hips and their arms draped over the rescuer’s shoulders. This method is named after firefighters, who often use it to carry individuals out of burning buildings or other hazardous situations. However, it’s essential to note that proper training is necessary to perform this technique safely and effectively. In first aid, it’s crucial to prioritize the well-being of the person being carried, ensuring they are secure and not further injured during the process. The method is particularly useful when the person is heavier or more difficult to carry using other techniques.

To perform a Fireman’s Carry safely and effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Assess the situation: Before attempting the carry, ensure it is safe for you and the person you are trying to assist. Check for any potential hazards or obstacles in the path you’ll need to take.
  2. Get the person’s consent: If the person is conscious, explain the process and ask for their consent. This is important to ensure they feel comfortable and secure during the carry.
  3. Position yourself: Stand next to the person, facing them. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, and your knees slightly bent.
  4. Lift the person: Bend at the knees and use your leg strength to lift the person onto their feet, keeping their weight evenly distributed between both of you.
  5. Transfer the person’s weight: As the person is standing, shift your grip. Place one hand under their arm, with your fingers hooked around their elbow, and the other hand on the outside of their opposite thigh.
  6. Begin the carry: Keeping the person’s weight evenly distributed, step back with the foot opposite to the hand that’s under their elbow. As you do this, lift the person onto your shoulder, with their legs straddling your hips. Hold the person’s legs securely with one arm under their knees.
  7. Adjust your grip: Make sure the person’s weight is securely on your shoulder, and their head is supported. Hold their elbow with your other hand to maintain control and stability.
  8. Walk and maintain balance: Keep your knees slightly bent, and walk steadily, ensuring the person’s weight is evenly distributed. Communicate with the person being carried, asking them to keep their legs straight and their head steady.
  9. Lower the person carefully: To put the person down, walk them towards the destination, then bend your knees and lower them to the ground. Make sure they are stable before leaving them.

Remember, it’s crucial to have proper training and practice before attempting the Fireman’s Carry. This technique should only be used when necessary and in situations where other methods are not feasible or safe. It is crucial to maintain proper support for the person’s head, neck, and spine to prevent any further injury. Always communicate with your assistant and adapt the carrying method based on the person’s needs and available resources. If you are unsure about the proper carrying technique or if the person’s condition worsens, seek professional medical assistance immediately.

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