10 Ways On How to Get Rid of Spider Veins

how to get rid of spider veins
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What are spider veins

Spider veins are dilated capillaries that looks twisted in appearance, resembling spiderweb-like pattern. As you may know, having spider veins is a problem that a lot of men and women can suffer from. It is usually harmless but not good-looking. Everyone wants to look and feel healthy. Suffering from spider veins may also indicate that you are not getting enough blood circulation on the particular affected area. The condition mainly affects women and it usually appears in the legs and face. Despite mostly appearing during the 40’s, there are really no exceptions that it won’t be possible with a younger age group.

Spider veins during pregnancy usually disappears in about 3 to 4 months after giving birth. Developing spider veins may make you think that you are not as healthy as you might want to be. But do not worry. There are several available treatment options on how to get rid of spider veins effectively from natural to medical procedures as comprehensively listed below. The condition can certainly be improved if you take proper action and this post discusses considerable approaches about getting rid of spider veins.


What Causes Spider Veins

Increased pressure in the veins can predispose the presence of spider veins. However, there are also several factors that can influence its likelihood of development. Spider veins on face usually appear under the eyes and around the nose. This is usually caused by aging, venous deficiency, rosacea and free radicals. To learn more causes of spider veins, click here.

How To Prevent Spider Veins

Exercise is one of the most common methods to prevent the formation of spider veins. When you exercise, you are usually moving the whole body and blood circulation improves. If you do not prefer to exercise, try to find an activity that you would enjoy. It could be dancing, yoga, playing tennis, etc. Exercising is always a win-win situation as it will also help you feel better for you release Endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for making you feel happier and less depressed. Spider veins can also be prevented with the use of sunscreen, the shunning of high-heeled shoes and avoidance of standing or sitting for very long periods.

Spider Vein Treatment Approaches

Below are the most well-known factors around spider veins treatment means.

1. Drink more water

You might have heard this before but yes, water therapy is fundamental in order to stay and look healthy. Your body needs proper circulation and hydration. Try to drink at least 100 oz. of water a day. You could even add lemon and cayenne pepper to the water in order to boost metabolism. The mixture is also known to help make skin feel softer.

2. Don’t smoke or drink too much

Studies have shown that smokers and drinkers are more likely to develop spider veins. Also, continued use can influence the progress of current spider veins. If you really want to get rid of them, it’s important to start prioritizing lifestyle changes over your habits. Remember, it can save you from lung cancer too. Drinking too much alcohol may also cause your veins to dilate and over time, this could lead to further complications. Give your system and circulation a favor and start removing unhealthy habits from your lifestyle. Certainly will you feel better!

3. Lose Weight

As it was mentioned before, in order to get rid of spider veins you have to be as healthy as possible. Being overweight will put more pressure on your legs leading to the problem you are trying to get rid of. This is a common concern mostly associated with spider veins on legs. Eat healthier and add more antioxidants in your diet to keep your blood vessels stronger and lower the risk of developing spider veins. Having a balanced diet can be really helpful.

4. Promote leg circulation and avoid leg crossing

It’s been highly recommended that elevating the legs when sitting can ease the pressure on the blood vessels. It can also reduce pressure on the veins. This is a must know if you really are looking for ways on how to get rid of spider veins on legs. You should also remember to sleep on your back and to elevate your legs from time to time. This will relax your legs and improve blood circulation. Since the problem is related to how you manage your body and its posture, crossing your legs when sitting.

5. Wear the right pair of shoes

Shoes can make a huge difference. Get the perfect pair. If you want to get rid of spider veins, look for shoes that have low heels and comfortable. This will help you tone and improve the calf muscles, promoting better and enhanced blood circulation in the legs. It’s usually all about blood circulation!

6. Essential Oils for Spider Veins

Getting a massage not only could help you relax from a stressful day but it could definitely help with blood circulation. You can ask your partner to do it for you or you may want to go to a spa and get proper treatment. You can use castor oil, which has anti-inflammatory effects and stimulants to promote circulation and flow of blood to deprived tissues. Castor oil is also believed to be helpful with blood clot prevention and swelling reduction. Apply it twice a day. Remember, the better the circulation, the better health and the more likely to get rid of spider veins.

7. Use of Spider Vein Cream

There also exist the option to use spider vein cream which you may want to consider. The cream is usually made up of several ingredients that can also be found in most hand lotions but with added specialized components beneficial for spider vein removal. Many individuals report dramatic reduction in color and size of the veins but effects may take a lot longer to achieve. The first steps when seeking for ways on how to get rid of spider veins on face is preventing further damage, growth and multiplication. Therefore, don’t forget to limit direct exposure to sunlight.

8. Home Remedies for Spider Veins

When looking for ways on how to get rid of spider veins naturally, there are a few that you may want to consider. Apple cider vinegar has been credited to help with curing almost everything from flu to damaged hair. It helps you even with losing weight. But most importantly, it can definitely help with spider veins removal and prevention. Apply apple cider vinegar as a compress on your spider veins by having it in a cloth and placed on the area for about 30 minutes. Do it twice a day. Other natural remedies for spider veins include eating oranges or guava regularly. These are rich in vitamin C which is essential for blood vessel strength and vitamin K, essential for improvement of blood flow.

9. Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for spider veins involves the use of strong amounts of light into the vein in order to make it fade in a slow manner and eventually disappear. This method doesn’t require the use of needles nor incisions. Adverse effects of laser spider vein removal may include itching, redness, swelling and bruising.

10. Talk to your doctor about sclerotherapy

It is a spider vein removal treatment option that consists injecting a chemical substance into the troubled area. It forces the spider veins to collapse by making them swell, stick, and ultimately shut until it fades and disappears. But don’t worry, no anesthesia is needed, although you do need to schedule several appointments for one time treatment is not enough. Treatments are performed every four to six weeks. Spider vein treatment cost may vary. This is a more expensive option but relevant in case the spider veins are very stubborn and persist despite previous natural treatments. Spider vein removal cost using sclerotherapy is around $300 per session.

How to get rid of spider veins: Do you have what it takes?

It might be frustrating to have spider veins or rather, look for effective ways on how to treat spider veins. There may be times when you might want to wear shorts or a nice dress but the presence of visible spider veins on your legs makes you feel insecure. Remember that everything takes time. You need to be patient during the whole process. Having spider veins may hinder you from the best of lifestyle, but this is an opportunity to also improve your health. It’s the best chance to eat healthier, do yoga or any other type of exercise that promotes body movement. Stay healthy. Drink more water, use natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, get a relaxing massage, avoid smoking, raise your legs from time to time, go to the doctor if you need so, wear comfortable shoes and relax. With proper management, you will evidently see improvements  and even complete disappearance of those annoying spider veins!

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