10 Facts About Hemostasis

What is Hemostasis? Before we proceed in learning some of the vital aspects, let us first define hemostasis in the simplest form. Hemostasis Definition: It is the natural process of the body that takes place to stop the onset of bleeding. 1. Primary and secondary hemostasis The process pertains to a response of the body … Continue reading “10 Facts About Hemostasis”

Platelet Donation

10 Platelet Donation Facts

Platelets play a critical role in the blood clotting process. The number of platelets in the blood is referred to as platelet count and normally ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 per one millionth of a liter of blood. A platelet count with less than 150,000 per microliter of blood is termed as thrombocytopenia while a … Continue reading “10 Platelet Donation Facts”