10 Pink Himalayan Salt Essentials and Benefits

pink himalayan salt
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What is Himalayan Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt, often pink, white, or red in color, are believed to be healthier than regular iodized table salt or sea salt for a few reasons.

One reason is that the pink Himalayan salt or pink salt typically found in the mountain ranges of India, Nepal, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan and Afghanistan are cultivated from an area once known to be vast salt beds covered by lava and protected from modern forms of pollution.

It remains conserved with layers of solid lava, ice and snow in those regions. The area is known for the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, but it is actually also a home for mined salt crystals.

This article lists the ten Himalayan pink salt uses, essentials and benefits which may eventually make you prefer to use it on your meals rather than table salt the next time you make preparations. You’ll be guided where to buy Himalayan pink salt at the end of the article.

Did you know, there are Himalayan pink salt lamp products too? If not, check out this post on pink Himalayan salt lamp. By the way, Himalayan salt inhaler exists too! And you can actually purchase one here!


Pink Himalayan Salt Benefits

1. Less sodium

There is less sodium consumed per serving than the typical sea salt or table salt. It’s something we couldn’t miss on our list of pink salt benefits.

The naturally packed iodine within these natural salts takes up less room on the measuring spoon due to the density of the flakes compared with salt grains that are finely processed with iodine additives.

2. Believed to be more pure

Because the crystals were protected by the natural layers of cold weather and hot lava solidified, they are believed to be much more pure and healthy than regular table salt.

The color indicates how rich in minerals the crystals are. There are more than 80 minerals that can be found in the salt which are known to be also naturally occurring in the human body.

The salt has matured for more than 250 million years under tectonic pressure from the earth’s plates. It has been unexposed to potential health threats and pollutants.

The pink color is mainly due to its iron rich content.

3. Can help lower blood pressure

Also, pink Himalayan salt benefits people with hypertension.

The salt is healthier for blood pressure than the typical table salt. It also stimulates better blood circulation in the body.

It is absorbed faster into the bloodstream, making it more efficient in its effects.

4. Detoxification

Another of the benefits of Himalayan salt is detoxification. Pink Himalayan salt is definitely a great detox solution.

Salt helps transfer, with the addition of water, the toxins from healthy cells in your body to the bloodstream to eventually rid them from the body.

This kind of salt is also said to be not just effective but efficient with detoxification.

5. Reduce acid reflux

The salt also helps keep acid reflux at bay. This happens due to its capacity to help keep a balanced pH level.

The pH level is the balance between alkalinity and acidity in the body, more particularly those in the stomach.

6. Prevents muscle cramps

It can also help prevent the cramping of muscles.

If you have been suffering from cramps, try taking a dose of the pink Himalayan salt with some water to see how it could help.

7. Strengthens bones

Another significant factor among Himalayan pink salt health benefits is being rich in calcium and other minerals that help strengthen the bones.

Besides calcium, the salt contains magnesium, sulphate, potassium and others.

8. Increases hydration

Staying hydrated is one of the most important aspects to living healthy and surviving daily activities.

The salt will assist in this need of keeping you hydrated while creating electrolytes to keep you energized.

9. Helps intestines absorb nutrients

This is obviously important too. The more nutrients we get from food, the better.

Pink Himalayan salt enhances the capacity of your intestines to function better in absorbing nutrients from the food ingested.

10. Aids in proper metabolism function

Our metabolism can be manipulated by the foods we consume especially those that are not healthy or not beneficial for our metabolism (the process of how our body break down food and convert it to energy, or sugar). Among all these benefits of pink Himalayan salt is its effect on helping maintain proper metabolic function.

Where To Buy Himalayan Salt

Now that we’ve learned about the most essential Himalayan pink salt benefits a user can enjoy, you may now be thinking “Okay, so that’s it. But where can I buy Himalayan salt?”. The good thing, you can easily purchase the salt online. Well, this product is a best seller.

Pink Himalayan Salt Block / Himalayan Salt Plate

Another popular product out of the salt is a cooking material known as the Himalayan salt block. It is used for cooking foods in order to take more of its beneficial factors. Its dense crystalline composition brings complex flavor to all types of foods. You can purchase a block here.

How To Use a Himalayan Salt Block

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