10 Sun Poisoning Symptoms To Watch For
  • Sun Poisoning Symptoms

    10 Sun Poisoning Symptoms To Watch For

    The sun is an ever-present feature in our lives. It gives us light and warmth just as plants need the light to produce food. We schedule most of our activities, indoors or outdoors, on whether the sun makes its appearance on the sky. Without it, life on earth would be unbearably bleak and life would […]

  • What Are Hazel Eyes

    10 Facts About Hazel Eyes

    Do you agree how eyes are being referred as the window to a person’s soul? It’s been long believed that you can learn much about a person just by looking at them, through their eyes, because human eyes are known to reflect feelings and personality. Not only does the eyes give an individual the power […]

  • Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

    10 Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

    “Stomach ulcers?” The term always reminds us the importance of taking good care of our digestive system. Stomach ulcer now seems to be a common health concern a lot of people encounter in today’s fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live. The busy schedules and stressful work often put individuals into seeking ways to engage […]

  • what is morbidly obese

    10 Characteristics of Morbidly Obese

    Characteristics of Morbidly Obese 1. What is Morbid Obesity A person is morbidly obese when their excess body fat is at a level that has become a danger to their health and life expectancy. Morbid obesity is caused by several factors. It is not the same to being overweight or obese for these two conditions are less life-threatening […]

  • Causes Of Multiple Myeloma Cancer

    10 Causes Of Multiple Myeloma Cancer

    Multiple myeloma is a cancer that affects the plasma cells in the body. The name itself, myelo means marrow and oma means tumor. It is a type of anomaly in the white blood cells which are responsible for the creation of antibodies. Multiple myeloma creates a situation in the body where excess abnormal plasma cells accumulate […]

  • subdural hematoma

    10 Facts About Subdural Hematoma

    What Is A Subdural Hematoma 1. Subdural Hematoma Definition Subdural hematoma is the accumulation of blood, presence of blood clot, or actual bleeding, as the case may be, between specific layers of tissue covering the brain. Subdural Space This accumulation of blood or actual bleeding occurs between the dura and the arachnoid. These layers of […]

  • subgaleal hematoma

    10 Facts About Subgaleal Hematoma

    Subgaleal hematoma which is the other name for subgaleal hemorrhage is a condition whereby bleeding occurs in between the skull periosteum and the scalpgalea aponeurosis leading to swelling. It is a very lethal condition in newborns. Subgaleal Hematoma 1. Causes Subgaleal hematona often results after a traumatic birth or a fracture in the skull that […]