10 Best Alkaline Water Benefits

alkaline water benefits
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What is Alkaline Water

Is alkaline water good for you? Is it better for health than the regular drinking water? This is actually a currently favored topic but only merits little detailed analysis.

Having an alkaline pH in the body is said to be a thriving ground for health as opposed to sickness. Not only are people whose body chemistry’s pH level being alkaline is said to age slower than their peers, they have better blood viscosity, have better digestion, and generally have robust enough immune system to offset certain diseases, including cancer.

It is therefore of no wonder why there has been an ongoing craze which drives people to opt being alkalized and thereby reap the benefits of being so. One of the most popular trends towards that goal has been the consumption of the so-called “alkaline water,” which is said to raise the body’s pH level to alkaline from being acidic.

Alkaline water is water with a pH of more than 7. An alkaline pH helps to neutralize the harmful acids in the body, yielding several health benefits.

How To Alkalize Your Body

This is possible with simply drinking alkaline water. Although not immediate but possible, alkaline water side effects may take place with excessive intake which includes headache, muscle aches, and fatigue.

The popularity of alkaline water has given rise to products like the alkaline water machine (water alkalizer), alkaline water filter, alkaline water pitcher, alkaline water bottle, and bottled alkaline water.


Best Alkaline Water Benefits

The human body is always trying to maintain a balanced pH. When the balance becomes upset, the body cells are subjected to additional stress trying to maintain neutrality in the body. This could result in a variety of diseases affecting any part of the body.

Alkaline ionized water helps the body to maintain pH balance by neutralizing excess acid. This can help prevent a host of diseases like psoriasis, high cholesterol, and so on.

Drinking alkaline water on a regular basis certainly does have many advantages, particularly in preventing diseases. As the adage goes, prevention is always better than cure. Alkaline water surely seems definite as an easy means of achieving this.

As amazing as this current idea is, it makes us all wonder whether or not there is truth to these claims. Apparently, science have the answer to this very question. Let us find out below the 10 best benefits of drinking alkaline water based on research.

1. It mitigates acid reflux

There is a mounting evidence that relates the role of pepsin, an enzyme designed to break down protein in the stomach, and the potential damage that comes when gastric acids move superior to the stomach (Bardhan, K.D. et al).

Considering that pepsin is a primary influence in causing acid reflux, increasing alkaline pH can be helpful in handling pepsin to help in mitigating the condition. Once more, this can be achieved with regular drinking of alkaline water.

A 2012 study by Koufman, J.A. & Johnston, N. found out that the consumption of water with a pH level of 8.8 have the potency to deactivate pepsin in the stomach, essentially attenuating the potential damaging effect of the protein-breaking enzyme when it reached areas of the body past the stomach cavity.

However, being a crucial part of the digestive process, it would be unwise to consume alkaline water with a pH of 8.8, if you are eating a diet that either is rich or has protein in it. The deactivated pepsin might aggravate the digestion of the protein-containing food consumed.

2. Improves blood viscosity

Blood viscosity is the measurement of how efficient our blood flows across the blood vessels which has a direct correlation to the level of hydration of the body. For example, people who had undergone a certain degree of dehydration have relatively poorer blood viscosity than those who are well-hydrated.

In a comparative which seeks the capability of both regular drinking water and alkaline water in terms of enhancing blood flow through the body, a study by Weidman, J. et al, identified that the latter offers better improvement to blood viscosity than the former by a significant margin after subjecting the study population to a strenuous activity. The finding implies that people who consume alkaline water have subsequent better blood flow and therefore better oxygenation all over the body than regular drinking water.

3. Better blood pressure

Whether by virtue that drinking alkaline water has positive effect on the blood’s viscosity or something else, an interest in this type of water’s potential influence in the body has led to a study which sought to find a link between its consumption and an overall improved blood pressure.

According to a research conducted by Yu-lian, W., subjects who were given some alkaline ionized water for the span of 3 to 6 months showed positive reaction to the drink, specifically with their improved blood pressure marker.

4. Reduced blood sugar

Diabetics have always struggle with having an elevated blood glucose, essentially making it a good indicator of the disease. While there is a debate which questions the belief that diabetes is a lifetime disease, one thing which many in the medical community agrees on about this metabolic disorder is that it can be managed over time—particularly, through the management of blood sugar by keeping it normal.

Drawing from the same study which saw the efficacious effect of alkaline water towards blood pressure by Yu-lian, W., a link was also established which saw a reduction of blood sugar of those who were consistent in the consumption of alkaline ionized water.

Pancreas is the gland that forms insulin which is responsible for maintenance of sugar levels in the body and provision of adequate energy. Knowing that pancreatic function is also assisted by an alkaline environment, diabetes can be prevented. This can be easily attained by drinking plenty of alkaline water.

5. Lowers blood lipids

The blood’s consistency may oftentimes contain elements in it that is more than just the cells, such as the triglycerides which is a form of fat. Although the idea of having triglycerides in the blood is not itself dangerous to health, having an elevated level of this lipid does pose a risk and could be an indicator of a potential underlying condition.

Based from the study done by Yu-lian, W., a regular intake of alkaline water have positive effect towards the level of triglycerides in the blood, that is, by reducing its concentration. What the study implies is that people whose fluid intake consists primarily of alkaline water may have a lowered risk of developing hyperlipidemia or an elevated level of lipid in the blood.

Weight loss is also considerably one of the best benefits of alkaline water where it displays a unique approach in fighting against fat. The higher levels of acid in the body, the more amount and size of fat cell formation will be required to handle the acid. By reducing acid and maintaining a neutral pH, the need for increase in fat cells is reduced. This allows the body to fight fat more effectively and achieve weight loss more easily.

6. Enhanced hydration and detoxification

The foremost reason for the need of sufficient water consumption is to maintain the hydration of the body. People who consume alkaline water after an intensive workout may find themselves better hydrated than when simply drinking regular water. The notion came as a finding by the study conducted by Chycki, J. et al, which saw an improved level of hydration to subjects who underwent sweat-inducing activity which a regular drinking water could not in the same period.

Compared to regular drinking water, alkaline water is better absorbed and achieves proper hydration easier. High alkaline water also flushes out any harmful toxins present in the body. This is achieved by neutralizing the toxins through its higher pH.

A minimum of 8 glasses of water a day is recommended for detoxifying the body. However, the result is even better when alkaline water substitutes the intake of regular water.

Pure alkaline water boosts body immunity in its capacity to fight infections. Alkalized water is believed to be a powerful anti-oxidant and fights the free radicals in the body. These are harmful substances produced when the body is exposed to various toxins. By drinking alkaline water on a regular basis, you can avoid certain diseases and reduce the need of any future intake of medication.

Free radicals reduce the body’s capacity to fight infections by affecting the immune system. Alkaline water, through its anti-oxidant properties, improves the immune system and helps the body to fight infections better.

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. Unhealthy food habits lead to increased acid levels in the body. By neutralizing the acid, alkaline water helps to maintain a neutral pH and create a healthier environment. The profitable result will be cancer prevention.

7. Supports the production of growth hormone

Children who are suffering from stunted growth are known for having deficiency in growth hormone, possibly induced by a medical condition such as renal tubular acidosis. A study by Schwalfenberg, G. learned that sufficient supplementation of potassium citrate or bicarbonate, which is found in alkaline water, help ameliorate the concern in such a way that growth hormone release is promoted.

8. Potential relief from back pain

Individuals who suffer from prolonged back pain may find relief when constantly taking alkaline water due to the minerals that come inherently with the drink, according to Schwalfenberg, G. The benefit comes from the fluid’s ability to induce intracellular magnesium and vitamin D production.

9. Extenuate muscle wasting

People who are afflicted with a chronic renal failure exhibit an accelerated case of muscle wasting which medical science attribute for the metabolic acidosis that is consequent to the disorder. By mitigating the effect of acidosis, that is, through the supplementation of alkaline water to the patient, Schwalfenberg, G. established that alkaline water has the power to reduced muscle wasting among individuals who have the aforementioned kidney disorder.

10. Promotes strong bones

Alkaline water is said to improve bone health and useful in preventing osteoporosis alongside medical treatment courses. This is a condition common in old age, more particularly affecting women. It can cause fractures due to the depletion of mineral content of the bones.

Having strong bones has often been the marketing behind alkaline water and science seems to agree with the notion. Based on the finding that Schwalfenberg, G. had founded, persons who are given alkaline water for drink have bones that are less likely to break, but may not always be preventative of a common bone disorder like osteoporosis.

Alkaline water, by preventing mineral loss, can be helpful in keeping bones healthy for a longer time.

Where To Buy Alkaline Water

At this point, you may be thinking “where can I buy alkaline water?” In fact, it is usually available in your local store but if not…

You can easily purchase one online.

Some of the best alkaline water brands include Voss, Nestle, and Essentia.

How To Make Alkaline Water

A simple way to do it is by using baking soda. Simply add half teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of purified water. Shake it vigorously to make sure it mixes completely.

But if you prefer not to use baking soda, you may want to learn how to alkalize water with the use of lemon. Refer on the video below.

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