septal hematoma

10 Facts About Septal Hematoma

According to research, the nose is the most frequently injured facial structure. The injuries occasionally disrupt the tender nasal blood vessels leading to accumulation of blood and fluid under the nasal lining. The most common complication resulting from the accumulation of fluid/blood under the nasal lining is septal hematoma, which is the accumulation of blood … Continue reading “10 Facts About Septal Hematoma”


10 Facts About Auricular Hematoma

Hematoma auris (perichondrial hematoma, traumatic auricular hematoma, or cauliflower ear) is a condition that can happen when the outside portion of the ear endures a traumatic blow, a blood clot or a gathering of fluid under the perichondrium. It isolates the cartilage away from the overlying perichondrium supplying its nutrition. This causes it to perish and introduce the … Continue reading “10 Facts About Auricular Hematoma”