10 AB Positive Blood Type Facts

ab positive blood type
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AB Positive Blood Type Facts (AB+)

1. Universal Plasma Donor and Universal Red Cell Recipient

The nature of antigens present in the serum determines the blood type. AB positive suggests that an individual has both the antigens A and B. Individuals who are AB blood group are commonly called universal plasma donors because their plasma can be transfused to any person of whatever blood group. The blood type is referred as universal red cell recipient because they can receive transfusions of any blood group. It is considerably a rare blood type that is present in only 1 out of 29 individuals. This means an approximately 3.4% of the population has an AB positive blood. Not all of the ethnic groups share the same proportions of the AB positive blood type though. This blood type is present in about 3% in Caucasians, 4% in African American, 2% in Hispanic, and 7% in Asian.


2. Inheritance Patterns

The ABO gene found on chromosome 9 determines the ABO blood group system. A and B genes are codominant in relationship, making the expression of both antigens A and B when either alleles A or B is present. Blood Group AB has both A and B antigen on red cells but with neither A nor B antibody in the plasma.

How is AB Positive blood type inherited?

If parental blood groups consist of A and B, the child’s blood group will either be one of O, A, B, or AB.

If parental blood groups consist of A and AB, the child’s blood group will either be one of A, B, or AB.

If parental blood groups consist of B and AB, the child’s blood group will either be one of B, A, or AB.

If parental blood groups consist of AB and AB, the child’s blood group will either be one of A, B, or AB.

3. Blood Type Compatibility: AB+ Can Receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+ and O-

A recipient with an AB positive blood type has the antigens A, B and the Rh antigen on the blood. Having the presence of these antigens, AB positive blood type can receive all of the blood types namely AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+ and O-.

4. Blood Type Compatibility: AB+ Can Only Be Given To AB+

An AB+ donor can only give blood to the AB+ blood type. This is because of the presence of antigens A, B and the Rh antigen in the donor’s blood. Any transfusion of AB+ to any other blood groups can cause immune attacks.

5. Plasma Type Compatibility: AB Can Only Receive AB

Blood Type AB doesn’t carry both the A and B antibody, making blood type AB group to be only compatible in receiving plasma from blood group AB. However, as a potential universal plasma donor, blood type AB plasma can be given to all blood groups.

6. Has Rh Factor

Rh Factor is an additional marker in the blood. This can be classified as either Rh positive or Rh negative. This marker is only used for genetic differences. An AB+ blood type is Rh positive.

7. Primary Benefits and Challenges

Blood Type AB individuals share the benefits and challenges that both Blood Type A and Blood Type B individuals may face. However, AB type individuals may principally carry either A type characteristics or B type characteristics. But it can still be a mixture of both A and B.

8. Blood Type AB Personality

Individuals with blood type AB has been associated to being spiritual and intuitive. Also, they are significantly friendly, empathetic, trusting, emotional and passionate.

9. Diet Recommendations

Low stomach acidity has been linked to Blood Type AB individuals. This causes the lack of ability to metabolize food efficiently and often, intake of meat are being stored as fat. Smaller, frequent meals is recommended. Especially in stressful situation, individuals of this blood type should avoid alcohol and caffeine. Food suggestions include green leafy vegetables, seafood, dairy (like kefir and yogurt), tofu, sardines, tuna and salmon.

10. Exercise Recommendations

Exercise can be very beneficial for Blood Type AB individuals especially in the maintenance of healthy emotional balance and stress reduction. It recommended to perform a mixture of both aerobic physical exercise like biking or jogging and calming activities like yoga or meditation.

Having your blood type taken may cost up to $200 in an office. Some individuals seek instead the use of blood typing kits like this one, which is worth less than $20.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Fardy
    My blood type is AB+
    I wonder what could be my alternative to caffeine stimulant

    thank you

    1. Hi Fardy! A good energy-boosting stimulant as alternative to caffeine includes Chicory root coffee which tastes similar to coffee but is caffeine-free. You can also try other alternatives such as Maca herb smoothie, Carob smoothie, Peppermint tea, Blueberry smoothie, etc.


    I am also ab positive, and I noticed that drinking decaf coffee was just as good as caffeine it is all in someone’s mind that caffeine is really needed. I am extremely spiritual and Intuitive. My nature is to care about everyone, I am friendly and Like everyone. Having this blood type I personally think it is much harder for doctors to diagnose me. I have watched myself die in a ambulance and by the time the ambulance got to the hospital.

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