10 Rh Negative Blood Type Facts

rh negative blood type
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The Rhesus factor, specifically rhesus negative, has been a topic of interest for discussions in medical science for a long time.

Below are some of the interesting facts you may want to know about Rh negative blood type.


Rh Negative Blood Type

1. The Rh negative blood type is not a ‘mutation’.

Rhesus factor, referred to as the Rh factor, is a protein in the human blood.

The term is derived due to the first discovery of the protein substance in the blood of Rhesus monkeys.

The fact that a number of people lack this factor is a puzzling phenomenon that tends to defy the evolution story arising the question on where did they come from?

2. A disadvantage to pregnancy.

In situations where a couple have different rhesus factor blood types, it puts their children at risk.

This happens most especially when the child picks up the rhesus factor from the father that differs from that of the mother’s.

It leads to a build up of antibodies in the mother’s blood that causes it to fight or react to pregnancy of the second child resulting to death.

3. Rh negative blood type is rare.

In reference to whole of the world’s population, only about 15% lack the rhesus factor.

The remaining 85% are Rh positive, making them more favorable.

Lacking Rh factor can lead to problems especially in cases where blood transfusion or organ transplant is needed urgently.

4. More prone to allergies.

People with the Rh negative blood type are more prone to be affected by allergies, especially food allergies.

This results in having them being more picky when it comes to food preferences.

5. Better natural resistance to particular disease.

Studies show that the 15% of humans who lack the rhesus factor are gifted with natural resistance to HIV, small pox and bubonic plague.

By being resistant to these diseases, it means that they are less susceptible to suffer from them as opposed to those with the Rhesus factor.

6. Lack D antigen.

This is a very important factor especially for pregnant women. Blood that lacks the D antigen tends to reject it’s own unborn baby especially if the baby is Rhesus positive.

It is commonly referred to as ‘hemolytic disease’ or death of the unborn.

This is a major disadvantage for people who belongs to the Rh negative blood group.

7. Lack protective antigen.

Rh negative blood type lacks an antigen that perpetuate the release of antibodies in the event of an invasion by viruses and bacteria.

This specific antigen is found on the surface of the erythrocytes exclusively in Rhesus positive blood type individuals.

This explains the weakness in Rhesus negative people against several types of diseases and illnesses.

8. Do better at high altitudes.

Rhesus negative people have a greater oxygen capacity thus are more adaptable to higher altitudes like the mountains.

This seems to explain a story about a tribe in China that dies when relocated to lower altitudes.

Fascinatingly, they do not require the adjustment most would require when moving to higher altitudes.

9. Unknown Origin.

It is assumed that Rhesus negative blood type is specific to group O which is the purest type of blood and the rarest. 

It remains unknown to date where the negative factor came from.

There is a theory that tells it is a product of connected bloodline from prehistoric humans to present day people.

10. Higher occurrence in whites, most noticeably Europeans.

Generally, there are about 40 – 45% of Europeans who belong to the Rh negative group.

There are only about 3% of African people and about 1% of Asian or Native American individuals who belong to the Rh negative group.

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223 thoughts on “10 Rh Negative Blood Type Facts”

  1. Rh- and autoimmune diseases. Interesting.
    I’m O- and had horrible allergies and eczema and other skin problems as a kid, I became a type 1.5 diabetic in 2011 at age 54. Type 1.5 diabetes is basically type 1 diabetes in adults and a positive test of glutamic acid decarboxylase.

    1. Sarah Bragg says:

      Are you saying
      as Rh neg person cannot fight off viruses?

      1. Read what he said before asking silly questions that he has already answered.
        “…Studies show that the 15% of humans who lack the rhesus factor are gifted with natural resistance to HIV, small pox and bubonic plague. …”

        1. Lana Jnight says:

          Thank you silly.

        2. YES SOME SPECIFIC DISEASES.. BUT it also said that “ Rh negative blood type lacks an antigen that perpetuate the release of antibodies in the event of an invasion by viruses and bacteria.

          This specific antigen is found on the surface of the erythrocytes exclusively in Rhesus positive blood type individuals.

          This explains the weakness in Rhesus negative people against several types of diseases and illnesses.”

          1. What does it mean specifically for you if you are 0 negative

          2. I have type O Rh negative blood. I am rarely I’ll and I work as a preschool teacher. I was even asymptomatic when I tested positive for COVID-19. My second pregnancy was considered high risk.

          3. Thank you for asking because I was gonna ask… I hope you got an answer

          4. JennyLouis says:

            The discussion needs to be deeper to understand how this works. The real key is in the fact that O- lacks any protein on the RBC for a virus to bind to.

            So we have great viral protection. Not so much on bacterial. Read the Covid studies to get better picture.
            The other related issues- eczema, diabetes etc… depend on what you put into your body along with the Rh- . The Rh- is a susceptibility not a cause. 2+2 will always equal 4.

            I eat clean food – not processed – of all varieties. At 60 I’m an O- with zero health problems.

            Removed processed food from your diet to see the glory or Rh-! 😁

          5. Donna Boritz says:

            I have a few immune diseases,and Gastroparesis
            just so much,
            I don’t even know what im fighting anymore,
            But my babies were all healthy positive,

        3. I am AB negative and I have never had the flu, or any viral infection, only the common cold. I have had no vaccinations and I don’t take medication, I never get sick, and I believe we are immune to most viruses.

          1. Bubba Hegel says:

            Me too! Never ever get sick and never take meds

          2. Charlie R says:

            I agree, I am O Negative, have had measles, mumps, chickenpox as a child, never vaccinated for anything other than Tetanus. Didn’t get whooping cough when caring for a young child in the same house with it as a child. I never get sick, had the flu once, right after my first child was born and breastfeeding, but never again. Got H1n1 once (2009), and got SARSCOV2 once in March 2020 and haven’t felt ill since. 57 yrs old, female, living on a working farm. I have always felt healthier than most, I don’t fear viruses at all. I know my body knows how to resist.

          3. I agree I am A negative and my siblings are all negative also .
            we have no issues with viruses and do not do vaccinations at all .

          4. JennyLouis says:

            Same love to hear it!!

          5. I heard more than once if you haven’t had vaccinations you won’t get allergies. I’m B- . I’ve had vaccines up to the end of my military career. None since retirement. I’ll get the cold, flu but not too bad. Try to self heal.

          6. It is the vaccines that transfer all viruses from one person to another. Viruses are not transmissible.

          7. Linda M Torri says:

            I am RH negative. I am also allergic to,prednisone,penicillin, bees wasp . benadryl .
            its not easy dealing with this. my body hates me

          8. I’m B – and keep away from meds and vaccinations too. I am 60 and feel 25 super

        4. Actually he does comment it makes us less resistant to certain diseases and viruses. So she is correct. Not that I believe that from my own experience. But he does make that statement. So it is not a ‘silly’ question. YOU need to go back and read it again…

          1. julie close says:

            Yep! Looks like you are less likely to get some of the worlds baddest though. I distinctly recall science discussing, 20 years ago, that there were people that seemingly were immune to HIV, and theories arose that their ancestors had survived the bubonic plagues in Europe. This ties that together nicely!

        5. sandra k taylor says:

          do you think that might include covid

    2. I have reactions to any processed foods so paleo is good for me.

      although I found that were are less susceptable to the Wuhan virus than others on a
      positive note.

      1. There ya go. I’m RH neg. and had problems with my children. I also have read and heard from various readings that we can’t get the Wuhan because of our blood type.
        There’s only 5% total population that have it. It supposedly originated in a small village in the Netherlands. (Documented)
        We’re just special.

        1. The NIH has recently conducted ‘observational’ research that included rh factor of covid19 patients in hospital population. We can still contract it but the rate is much less than the rh positive people.

          1. JennyLouis says:

            The A- and B- seemed to lack the immunity. Note that they have an A or B protein on RBC where O has zero. AB has both with seems to cancel each other out. Just an observation from the Covid studies.

        2. Not 5, but 15%, not in the Netherlands, but Basque country. And it’s not where it originated from, but where it’s mostly accumulated. No one knows the origins to date….

          1. I have done quite a bit of research in to the Basque people. Their language origins are still unknown as it does not derive from Proto-Indo Aryan like all other European/Asian languages. When researching the Basque, I came across a video of them explaining their origins, to which they claim Atlantis. This is why they live in the mountains (PTSD from the flood that wiped out their people). The same is said of the Peruvians, some of the Japanese and Tibetan Monks. My wife is A- and I tease her all the time about being an Atlantean shape-shifting reptile.

          2. That makes sense… Basque and not Netherlands. As a Christian my theory is that Rh negative is Gods original human and the fallen angels are the creator of unclean souls that might contain a mix of humans souls, ape souls and possibly angelic souls. They ( meaning internet) say Rh – ppl are more intelligent than Rh + and the help that comes with Christianity is to have our senses opened- the blindness is removes and whoever is reborn in spirit/soul can see the Kingdom of Heaven – the angels in heaven (looking like human eyes). What say you to that?

      2. Francie Colby says:

        I have been exposed to both of the viruses. that were man mad and sent out. Never had it. And spent time in the same home with them. I am B RH – NEGATIVE.

    3. I have r h – and i never get sick but have fear of hights and like being by myself

      1. Susan Burg says:

        weird you should mention that. I too have a fear of heights and never get really sick. And prefer to be alone. I am RH-

          1. Lovely Victoria says:

            O neg is not the rarest ab neg of all the negative blood types

          2. Denise Serra Yonkers says:

            I like to be alone , have a fear of heights & rarely get sick either. RH B negative

          3. JennyLouis says:


        1. I am Rh beg O and I have a fear of heights but love being around people 😊

        2. Julie Brookes says:

          Exactly the same with me

        3. I don’t have a fear of heights but I never get sick and. I really like my solitude. So weird

        4. Lauren Johnson says:

          Yes .. me to ! bit odd isn’t it?

          1. Wow guys, the odds..I dont even like the 2nd floor and haven’t been sick in 20 years. Everyone around me has had covid but me. 🤔

          2. This is interesting indeed! What if a lot of rh negative ppl come together- do all feel like going home then? Or what???

        5. Eileen Kelly says:

          Me to RH A neg scared of heights never get sick had Covid not bad and prefer to be alone

          1. I am A- also and like being alone too or just my kids and hubby. I don’t get sick much, but I don’t take vaccines, and I don’t believe in germ theory . I read the Basque people were one of the Hebrew nations, and I thought that was very interesting.

        6. I enjoy my own company…

        7. Charlie R says:

          Ya, it is weird. Rh neg and never sick, and a fear of heights, too. And I am a loner, too. Only child. Honor student in school, but wasn’t fussy on the people (since many gleaned humour from negativity), but loved the searching and learning of information.

          1. Ryan Hensley says:

            So trippy. I am AB- and I also have a fear of heights, love to be alone and sometimes feel I have to be alone especially to recharge as i pick up energies from people very easy. I rarely ever get sick I cannot even remember the last time I was sick and I don’t get vaccines, also don’t believe in germ theory. I love researching more than
            anything else I can never get enough knowledge on every possible subject
            I can get my hands on. I read an outrageous amount of books and such. I feel like I need to know absolutely everything. I make friends very easily when I want to it seems people are very easily and naturally attracted to me. yet even during the times in my life when I had tons of friends or an amazingf, I somehow always have a sense of feeling very alone in this world. And like I came from somewhere else earth is not my home. I feel so different from the majority of people in the world, like my priorities, needs, wants, purpose, and mmotivations.
            I love helpingpeople and have always felt it my mission here is to help heal this earth/world.

        8. Letta Richardson says:

          I have RH neg. do not like onions cooked or raw! Am fairly healthy at 85 years of age, take supplement vitamins, light blood pressure meds and glucosamine. just would like to know if anyone in my past-(ancestors) were of the RH neg .blood

      2. TRACY L GILLHESPY says:

        Me too how weird!

      3. Jenny Louis says:

        Me too! That’s really my only big fear – makes my feet tingle when I get near a cliff or edge of a high building. I love being alone, could be because I have 8 kids! But I also enjoy speaking to large crowds.

      4. Yvette Maranowski says:

        I’m also R h- with a fear of heights and I like being by myself. Though I have type B blood and I understand we’re comfortable being alone because of our nomadic background. I think that Rh- people are musers, reflectors, and information processors, though, and so need extra space to do all of that in general. It’s so weird how blood type affects these things!

        1. Gerald Boyette says:

          B- here and can only tolerate 2 or 3 friends at one time and have had no problem with quarantine by myself in one room apartment in an Assisted Living Facility for months on end. I prefer it to hanging out with the other residents.
          Doubt if that has anything to do with RH factor though I’m open minded about it.

          1. Veronica Livell says:

            I think it has a lot to do with th neg I am the same don’t need lot of friends and can also isolate myself no problem. I also have a great nose and I can tell a false person a mile off , most are ,so it makes for easier life not to bother with them x

          2. JennyLouis says:

            Definitely a positive minus trait!

            We like being alone to reflect. We feel different.

        2. I agree we all seem to have these things in common

          1. Ryan Hensley says:

            I also can spot a fake person a mile away! I also say I am an excellent judge of character

        3. Very odd indeed. Also B negative. I always laugh as I was the more dour one compared to my B positive sister…..

          Always thought I was an extrovert because that was what my family rewarded. Funny how realization that I am an introvert (I derive energy from inside and not from the outside) only came later in life.

        1. Me too. I like being up high but I’m afraid of heights once I get up there. I was able to breathe so well in Maccu Piccu. Absolutely love being by myself. Have so many allergies. Not just food but plastics and cosmetics. I’m rarely sick. Have no jabs at all. Have asthma.

        2. Me too I’m rh neg I am scared of heights so bad ! I hate fake people I cut off friends no problem if they lie to me and I hate crowds ! I never got a vaccine in my life got theCovid🙄Wasn’t even sick and never get sick we are super human ❤️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🇮🇪🇮🇪

          1. JennyLouis says:

            Funny you mention lies. I can’t stand lies. It seems like we always know when we are being lied to! Do you feel a compulsion to tell and know the truth?? I do. I spend all day every day seeking truth. Even when I overhear people I don’t even know! I interact and explain. Drives my fam crazy but not the folks I’m talking to??we are just weird.

          2. Victor Lawson says:

            A- I’m very choosy of friends and do not tolerate liars. Like you said, easy to spot them. Heights don’t bother me. I was always called on to stand on the very top of the ladder to fix things. I have all the RH negative traits, L6, hazel eyes, psychic so bad it scares my wife, 148 IQ. I’m here just trying to figure out what it all means, where it comes from. Wife got me a DNA test with 23andme for my last B-day. I was very disappointed nothing was mentioned about RH negative, Basque, etc. and I told them so. This is an important and epic issue when you look at the evolution of humans. In 2017 I had 2 instances months apart where I started bleeding internally and came very close to dying. Until then, for 55 years I thought I was RH positive. I had every test known to doctors and they never did find out what caused the massive bleeding. We suspect it was from the generic aspercream from Walmart.

      5. True indeed,am O rh negative and must say that I never find being alone crazy,I actually enjoy it,also as an RH negative can say that sometimes I do feel that I dont belong,not because am freak,or have more money,but I guess because of my heightened intuitions…

          1. CYNTHIA L GADDEY says:

            when i watch a movie and their standing on a mountain or clift i feel and jerk feel im going over im oneg have copd and cant handle alot of smells i love people but love my home who knows!

        1. Victor Lawson says:


      6. Diane Burns says:

        I like to be by my self too..

      7. Dale Whaley says:

        Me too. It’s really bad now. I experience panic attacks on escalators now.

        1. Lol. I am O negative. I hate escalators. I like my feet on the ground and can experience vertigo when I’m up high so I won’t be high diving anytime soon, but I enjoy hooking up mountain sides. I was surprised to find out I don’t struggle breathing at higher altitudes. I had allergies when I was growing up. This may be because of the way I was raised, but I’m not better educated or wealthy than others, however despite the hardships I have been through, I have been able to be alone, reflect and get back to my center. I had chicken pox, but I don’t really remember it. It wasn’t all that bad for me. I’ve had covid twice but am still confident in my bodies ability to recover.

          1. CYNTHIA L GADDEY says:

            hi Tiffany im o neg 61 years old when i watch shows with big mountains or their all standing their looking down i feel im going down it but on the underhand when its colder even when i hate it i breathe better and my sinus gets better liked your post

      8. I’m O neg and never get sick. Not sure about the acrophobia but I jumped out of airplanes in the Corps anyway.

    4. Im O+ I’m immune to a lot… i was sic like 10times in 30years, eating a lot off sugar products, a lot… don’t have over weight, or any issues with health

      1. That’s a lot of sickness.
        I think the rh- ppl actually mean they never or almost never get sick.
        As a rh- myself, 10 times being sick seems like a lot.

    5. Genevieve says:

      Anyone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at an older age should demand the physician check out your pancreas, since late onset diabetes type 1 is associated with pancreatic cancer. Hope you’re doing great!

    6. I am 50yrs old , I am O- never had any issues.rarely get sick, never contracted Covid to this day even when everyone in my office came down with Covid. I was the only one left standing.

    7. I am 50yrs old , I am O- never had any issues.rarely get sick, never contracted Covid to this day even when everyone in my office came down with Covid. I was the only one left standing. It’s seems odd that scientists can not determine where the O -RH evolved from. I also had to get the RH factor shot when I was pregnant and then again after I gave birth to my daughter.

  2. Leigh Bickings says:

    Hello ,I’m O- blood type ,when I was pregnant I was told I was RH- and received a shot for it. Is RH-permanent or is it just through pregnancy such as diabetes? Thanks!

    1. Rh- is permanent. Every time you are pregnant, unless the father of the child is also Rh-, you will need to get a shot to protect you from developing antibodies. If you don’t, future children are more likely to not survive. As long as your doctor is aware you are Rh- (and they should ask), it isn’t really a big deal. Just a shot once or twice each pregnancy. (My youngest is 28, so I don’t remember all the details.)
      Both of my kids are Rh+, and it hasn’t been a problem, since the proper treatment was given to me.

      1. I have two sons RH+ and one RH- like me. I had shots during the pregnancy and first two got shots when born but the third didn’t need one because he was RH-. I am generally healthy with viruses but do have T2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, and a fatty liver. All are controlled. Did read that RH- has lower risk with COVID.

        1. Melany Evans says:

          My Dad was O+. He’s deceased. He rarely got sick. He did have Coronary Heart Disease tho. Bad allergies. I’m A+ like my mom but I got his allergies, when tested I was allergic to 74/76 things they tested me for 20 years ago. Last year found out I’m part of the 30% population with accessory spleen(I have 2 spleens), and recently diagnosed with Fatty Liver.

          1. My husband is O- and ironically lost his spleen when he was a teenager due to a motorcycle accident. It would have been nice if he had an extra one. He doesn’t get sick very often. When he is sick he goes about business usual.

      2. I’m B- 4 children they are all +. It is permanent. Rhogam shots while your pregnant and everyone is fine.

      3. Francie Colby says:

        Me, had a mischarge. I understand. this will happen when, dad is rh + me NEG. So now get why it happened. So, both my kids are neg. Son O, daughter B

      4. I think that’s because an rH + fetus is recognized as a different species by the rH- mother. Maybe we are different like that.

      5. Im not so sure Rh positive is permanent though- it might be that a true Chrisitan life with the help to be reborn in soul/spirit make a rh + turn into an Rh – human. Has it been checked….ever? Hardly since scinece exclude the spiritworld.

    2. Ginny Bolt says:

      It’s a factor in your DNA and blood so, yes it is permanent. You should receive RhoGAM injections at appox. 28 weeks and within 72 hours of delivery if your baby has a positive Rhesus factor. Being Rh- has been with you since birth and will always be a part of your life. Definitely do some research on it because it can play a big role in many aspects of your world. Best wishes, We got this!!!

    3. RH-permanent, YES it isn’t possible to change blood types.
      GESTATIONAL DIABETES -Gestational diabetes goes away after you give birth. But it can affect your baby’s health, and it raises your risk of getting type 2 diabetes later in life. You can take steps so you and your baby stay healthy.
      I AM RH NEG TYPE 0

    4. It is not a disease or condition .

      1. I’m interested in the comments about fear if heights. I’m O-/RH- (I’m assuming they are the same). I am an Extroverted/Introvert and have a fear if heights and falling. I’ve always had awful allergies/eczema and asthma. Does anyone else have migraines? I’ve only had one major disease, breast cancer and it’s not hereditary. I’d be interested in knowing the percentage of people that line up like this. Anyone else?

        1. B0rnroyalty says:

          There is information about children born to rhesus negative mothers avaliable also. Babies can test rhesus positive but be weak positive making them more like the rhesus negative mom. Also there have been documented cases of rhesus negative born people becoming rhesus null. Rhesus null being extreemly rare. I was born ab rhesus negative which is rare in itself. I have both what is refered to as an extra rib & extra vertabre. (No. I don’t have a tail) I can hyper extend or am ” double jointed. I have extreemly high arches in my feet. I have eyes that change color ( Greens, browns & yellows) People are shocked by my true age because I stay young in looks. I’m a very spiritual being. I prefer solitude, am of high intellegence ( personal knowledge & IQ). Often I just know things. Western Medicine has been rough on my body. I use to have a fear of heights. I was born with a rare condition called Adison’s Disease, but just recently found out. I’ve suffered migraines since age 5. I live with noninfectious UC & Crohn’s disease. I have severe allergies to mostly foods. I eat mostly Poultry and fish. Ever since I was diagnosed additional allergies to pork & beef. I also have endometrosis.

          1. Ryan Hensley says:

            My eyes also are blue green brown and yellow and when people always tell me how beautiful they are. Also have a very young looking quality people are always shocked when they learn my real age

          2. AAgh… I was talking today and writing about an extra rib and suspect I have one but only on one side. I wonder if this is more common with Rh negative bloodtypes?

        2. I am 0- and I do have a fear of heights. I started getting migraines with aura when I was young, maybe junior high. That is also how I would describe myself Extroverted/Introvert. I am lucky and do not have your other issues. The migraines have not been fun.

        3. Jenny Louis says:

          I’ve not had any or heard of migraines as an issue with negatives. I have read many medical journal articles that indicate a link betwesomething you are eating or drinking. Or possibly environmental.
          Good luck!!

          1. KristineV says:

            I am O Rh- and I did get horrible headaches to about 34 until I gave up milk. I can now have one glass of milk every month without getting a headache. I found my body builds up allergies; so if I eat or drink to much of anything it’s possible I will become allergic. I never get sick, I brag about it as my students would cough on me, hand in their germs on their work and I thought I had built up resistance to germs. Now, I am learning its my Rh- factor. I did catch COVID at 70 breezed right through it. I have had septsis three times in my life, it should have killed me but just made me a little sick. How I learned I had sepsis is I broke out in rashes all over my body. My galbladder was so infected it gave me sepsis and was removed, it was full of holes. My surgeon said he hasn’t seen anything like it. I also am afraid of heights and absolutely hate being around people except my adult kids. I also have green eyes and my DNA research states 100% white also originating from Northern Europe, Welsh, German, British and Irish!

        4. Yes, horrible migraines!! I’m RH- but different in the aspect of always getting sick and being sick, even if the person I contracted it from isn’t sick. and I do like being by myself. School and learning always came easy for me. Also, I find most things (besides accounting and algebra) come naturally for me, as well as for my 12 year old son. He is also extremely intelligent, very gifted, (in every single thing he tries even once), he excels in school, sports, making friends easy, people being drawn to him, and always looking him, and wanting to be around him.
          as well as extreme intelligence, high test scores, and intuition. I often tell him he’s actually a wise old soul. He has been told this by almost everyone he’s ever met or interacted with, and that he is also mature beyond his years, as well as the most intelligent as well as caring child, that they ever met or taught in Elementary school, for example. (I’ve been told this by multiple teachers daycare, parents, friends, etc). They also say he is more mature than most adults, or others in general. I can’t remember 💯 if he is RH- but in reading this article, as well as all the comments, all the characteristics and traits that are common to RH- grips m groups, I’m almost 100% certain that he must be! SO interesting! Seems to be a lot of truth and common agreeance of traits and characteristics among the RH- group. Proud to say I am one, with Golden Blood!!

        5. I all also have Asthma and allergies. My son’s allergies are year-round and he is always sneezing!!

        6. A comment to all about fear of hight. When I was a child my returning nightmare was to fall from a high building. Does anyone recognize that?

    5. always gonna be rh negative. It just only becomes life threatening when pregnant or if you were to need a transfusion urgently. I’m rh negative as well

    6. CS Taunton says:

      Your blood type is permanent. You will need to be cautious each time you are pregnant. If your baby is 0- it will be fine, if not you need that RhoGam shot each time to keep your bodies immune system from attacking your unborn child and causing miscarriage.

    7. Carrie Herron says:

      Rh Neg is permanent. I’m A- Neg and have had the Rhogam shot with my youngest 2 children. My oldest is Rh Neg. Rh Neg means we lack the Rhesus Monkey Protein and also don’t have the D antigen, so our bodies see pregnancy as an invasion and tries to stop it.

      1. Charlie R says:

        Not quite, it sees the Rh positive factor as an enemy to destroy or kill, not the pregnancy per say, but the Rh blood factor. The result could be a dead baby, and if not the first pregnancy, it builds up to kill the next. But it only happens if the baby is Rh positive. So, we O Neg mothers always get a Rhogam shot just in case.

        1. Mor comments of a Christian nature: There is more Rh negative ppl in Christian countries than in non C ones. And if my guess is right that Rh negative is the origianl human on this planet then the Rh+ factor may then be that a human body dismisses a featus that has anything to do with monkeys/apes.

    8. Rena Murray says:

      Hi, I’m Rh B- the shot they give you is after giving birth so you will have a better chance of not miscarrying when you have other children. I’ve had two children and one miscarriage; that’s when I received my first shot and discovered I was Rh-. It doesn’t change your blood type. It just stops your body from terminating what it feels is an invasion because of the Positive Blood type of baby. This is why they use to do a blood test for people that were getting married to make sure they could have children. Now it’s not necessary because they figured a way around it.

      1. Francie Colby says:

        While PG, every time saw doc. took my blood. I do nave great veins. Still do. Last time I donated. Had a reaction. I am sensitive to chemicals. Whatever they use. And stopped donating.

      2. Charlie R says:

        My dr. told me with both my pregnancies that I had to have the Rogam shot during pregnancy because I am negative and the father is positive. If not, and the baby is positive, my body WILL KILL IT as if it is an alien.

  3. Jevin Carter says:

    I’m AB- , I guess this is the rarest of all the blood types from what I’ve read over the last few days. The fact that I’m biracial (black/white) makes this phenomenon even more interesting. My father was black and he is A- and my Caucasian mother was B-. Also my grandfather on my dads side was AB- like me. My mother developed Type 1 diabetes at 11 years old. My father other than his high blood pressure that he was diagnosed as a child with seems to be perfectly healthy. I was also diagnosed with hypertension at 14 even though I was not out of shape by any means and generally healthy. It’s also worth noting that the pyramids and the easter island heads where built by the same group of people and this group of people where not Caucasian or European originally. They eventually migrated to what ended up being somewhere in or near Spain and then of course this Rh- blood line trickled down that way. So I find it puzzling that on almost every one of these articles regarding RH- blood types it’s noted that basically if you’re not white you’re related to the RH monkey lol. There’s a ton of 100% European descending people who have the monkey ancestor. Point I’m making is if you do your research this gene came from a group of people out of Africa most likely of Sumerian origin. They where neither black or white and where referred to as “the builders” They migrated eventually towards the nile thus bringing us the pyramids and than north settling in Spain. So once again this phenomenon is not based in European or Caucasian genes. I’d like to point out that I had a sore throat and back pain last week and than tested positive for Covid-19 and was fine with in roughly 18hrs. Maybe there’s some science to be had regarding blood types and covid?

    1. Susan Mann says:

      AB negative is not the rarest. RH null is the golden blood and the rarest. There is something like only 13 people with RH null blood in the entire world.

      1. Peter Goodwin says:

        That’s interesting. Many years ago, there was a world-wide call out for donors when an Australian man who shared my mother’s group required a transfusion. She was group O Rhcde/cde negative, whatever that means. I am O neg with a single Rh cde neg. – a fortunate factor when I had a ruptured spleen and liver in an accident in a rural part of Scotland. The report said I’d lost 3 litres of blood, but there was nothing like the panic over supply. Fortunately, the Australians found a donor within the country and my mother’s wasn’t required.

      2. To o czym mówisz nie jest prawdą 🙂 W mojej rodzinie jest wiele osób z rh negative i są też osoby z 0 rh – (negative). Ja mam B rh D (negative), mam wiele alergii, nie choruję, ciśnienie krwi mam od 110/70 do 120/80, niższą temperaturę ciała.

      3. 15% OF WORLD POPULATION HAVE rh negative O and they are universal donors for any other blood group however we who have rh neg o can only have our same blood to survive ,so its a bit scary if you need a transfusion. lets hope there is plenty in the blood banks if I need it lol

      4. Hi 13 people I believe more than that me and my sister are the only ones in my family who have rh negative blood it’s rare blood but everyone can be sick around me I don’t get sick I only had food allergies though 😊

      5. I am RH negative B, I had to have a shot when I was pregnant with my son, I only had 1 child and he does not have my blood type. So we are lucky to have RH negative so we won’t get some of the illnesses really bad, correct?

    2. LOL~NO!! NOT “related to the Rhesus monkey”…..regardless of race/ethnicity…..some nonsense Darwin (a rather strange man w/rather strange “ideas” who also married his first cousin) came up with to push evolution OVER creation! We share the absence of this “antigen” w/that particular monkey, is all. With all due respect, my friend…..Ya might need to do a little more research, J/S…..the highest pop % of “Negs are indeed “Caucasians” ~ w/the highest concentration being in Basque ~ located between Spain & France. It is my understanding, the most recent breakdowns (by race) are from the 1970’s, suggesting the overall % may now be as low as 7-9% worldwide.

      1. We don’t “Share the absence of that antigen with that particular monkey.”
        The reason why it is called the rhesus factor is because “that particular monkey” HAS the antigen, not because it hasn’t got it.

        1. Carrie Herron says:

          Through my research I have found that there are 612 species of monkey’s on this planet, and we have nothing in common with any of them. So monkey needs to come out of the picture.

          1. Yes, I do believe you are correct!!

        2. All apologies, Tim, it would appear I got that one backwards!! Thanks for the correction Love.

      2. Jenny Louis says:

        Evolution and creation fit together. Darwin was a Christian. He never said we evolved from monkeys. Never.

        1. Evolution plus Alien genetic manipulation.
          Part Ape Part Alien.

          So it’s still true technically.

          1. Charlie R says:

            That is what I believe. That we are a product of both evolution and creation by aliens/god/angels. Evolution proofs are still looking for the missing link, because we were genetically modified to speed up evolution into the humans we are now.

          2. I believe the fallen angels have mixed ape souls with human souls and the ape-evolution is their product. The fallen angels then beeing what is alien to the original human on earth.

        2. Nope!! Charles Darwin, although heavily influenced by his “Unitarian” mother during childhood, had “lost his faith” by age 40.
          Look it up.

      3. Rh + is a protein that is found in Rhesus monkeys, yes? And Rh – do not have that ape protein, yes? And do you mean that the population with Rh – is down to 7-9%? In that case my other theory that the two WW was actually to bump off the Rh negative humans. Another way is to give Anti-D injections to Rh – women who are married to Rh + men.

    3. Jenny Louis says:

      I just want to clear up one misstatement I see all over the place on this issue. Rh factor is the Rhesus factor. It is so named not because it’s primate blood or of primate origin – it’s just a protein in blood they discovered when they were studying Rhesus blood. We (humans and great apes) are descended from common ancestors we not descended from one another. So Rh + in no way means humans were crossed with Rhesus monkeys. Ever. But keep this in mind too – Rh- cannot be cloned! ???

      1. Well, if this protein is found on Rhesus blood and the same found in many humans- then it must be safe to say it might origin from the Rhesus ape?! And life is the soul – the Christian understanding of life. Life is not the physical body but the soul that shapes the physical matter into a body and then uses the body. Our soul reside in our heart and uses the bloodsystem so our bloodtype say some. After the flood during Noahs time all humans descend from his 3 sons, Ham, Shem and Japhet and a Biblical map that shows how the sons divided dry land:Ham the southern parts, Japhet the north western part and Shem the north eastern part is rather exact to a map showing where there are most O blooders, A blooders and B blooders. O=Ham, A= Japhet and B=Shem. AB is a mix of A and B.

    4. Yvette Maranowski says:

      Sumerians are most definitely Caucasian. Caucasians are the peoples who are linked to the Caucasus mountains, and they settled in a large band all the way from Ireland and Scotland, on over to Northern India and Pakistan. A person can have dark skin and be Caucasian, and there was a US court case over that, where a South Asian man was “accused” of being not Caucasian, yet was obviously Caucasian otherwise. The languages of this band of peoples are related, too, that’s a well established fact.

      Sumerians and the pyramid builders were satanic. The history becomes strange around this subject, just because satanism is a cult and they have worked hard over the years to hide it. I’ve looked into it and the best I can tell, actual ET’s, reptilians specifically, are behind it. They’re parasitical and tricked us into thinking they were Gods (because of their advanced technologies) back in the day, hence why everyone on the planet back then worshipped reptilians, dragons, and snakes (although there are the fish gods, too, which is probably just another ET race). The ancient Sumerian statues show a lot of the reptilians. It’s creepy, but the reptilians somehow knew how the human brain worked and so they also knew how to addict people into cults. They succeeded in creating the satanic cult, starting out with members who thought they were special, but needed other members to keep the agenda going. Thus the royal families were created, who were slaves to the reptilians, and who in turn set out to enslave the rest of humanity. China has much “dragon” influence, due to the reptilians, and at least the Zulu tribe of Africa was in contact with the reptilians, too, but the plan was to create European royal families to enslave the rest of humanity. The reason may have been because Europe was small at that time?? which worked with their divide and conquer theme and the rule of the minority theme?? Or maybe Europe had more of the Earth’s leigh lines which were helpful? I don’t really know, but the reason why the leigh lines were important is also the reason why this cult is into astronomy and the movement of the celestial bodies. Both leigh lines and the movement of celestial bodies have to do with energy, such as the energy we feel when there’s a full moon. A look around at the ancient civilizations around the world shows clearly that astronomy was a huge deal, as they constructed amazingly accurate sites, such as Stonehenge and several others.

      Anyway, though, the British royal family are very much tied to the ancient Egyptians. The cobra/sphinx head of many Egyptian statues and art pieces speaks to the reptilian influence, and it’s also mimicked by the British noble advisors or whoever is around the queen, who wear the old white wigs which have slightly triangular silhouettes. The wigs look totally British, but they’re Egyptian. Plus, the Egyptian royalty used to have a rope whip thing for slaves which they rolled up and hung on their shoulders, and the British royal family does that, too! Egyptians were the first in the world to carry scepters, and the royal Brits still carry them to this day, as do the people in the satanic churches, such as the Vatican and the church of England. The ancient Egyptians buried their dead under the pyramids, and the British royals bury their dead underneath Westminster Abbey, which has a triangle in the architecture at the very top front center of the façade.

      On a side note, the DNA of Egyptian mummies has been decoded to be Turkish, Arab, and Eastern European. Which is to say, totally Caucasian. If you check out traditional Turkish wedding clothes, they still look kinda Egyptian, you can see the connection, especially since the Egyptian look is so iconic and unmistakable.

      They’re super into their own bloodlines, because supposedly they were bred with the reptilians somehow, which was done to make them more cold hearted. They are the “13 bloodlines” that we hear about, and they do track their blood. I’ve heard that Rh- is the blood of Jesus, and since they’re satanic, they want to corrupt Jesus’s blood, hence why all of the royal families are Rh-. They do a lot of gender “inversions,” too, since the idols they worship are both genders, and because things get weird with tracking the blood and needing a mate of a different gender from what’s available. So instead, they invert a male to a female, and the future babies are born by concubine. I’m pretty sure that Zara Tinsdale is an inversion and if I had to guess, I would say that Kate Middleton is, too. They teach the child to be the opposite gender and give them hormones through childhood. Hollywood is absolutely loaded with inversions, so many that I can’t even begin to list them, but there’s so many that it’s just plain creepy. An inversion is not a transgender or a cross dresser, because an inversion is a “created” person, who had no choice.

      It’s said that evil turns things upside down, inside out, and backwards, plus is an oppositionist, and an obstructionist. When natural things are turned upside down, etc., they become weird and need a lot of explaining. On top of that, we’ve been lied to about this stuff for thousands of years, hence why at best, my long explanation only raises more questions.

      The whole reason why the reptilians enslaved the royals to enslave the rest of us is just because they parasite off of our energy. It sounds so stupid, to go through all of the effort for all these years just for our energy, but it’s true. Very much like The Matrix, which many have said is a documentary. Basically, the reptilians need low vibrational energy from all of the negative emotions, and also from torturing us. Hence why the world seems to be going downhill, and why there have been more than 600,000 missing children every year in the US alone. So when they have their torture/murder sacrifices, they like to do it over the Earth’s leigh (energy) lines, when the planets are lined up the right way, and during our holidays, such as Christmas Eve. They do their evil during our holidays in order to bring the energy down. It really is evil because if the reptilians are advanced enough to hybridize and whatever else they do, then they could make a low energy generator machine to get their energy from, or something instead of going through all the energy they’ve gone through to take our energy. But they don’t because they’re actually evil. As for the cult, they don’t know that they’re enslaved: they think they’re royal and they do get lots of benefits from that, plus they’re addicted to the adrenalized blood of their victims. Plus, they didn’t just fall into the cult like we would with the Rajneesh Purams, they’ve all actually been forced into it since childhood, not unlike the inversion training that some of the boys receive. Their childhood “trainings” break their minds.

      I normally don’t write this much in a comment, but we’ve been lied to about everything and eventhough I’ve found a lot of info from research, it’s still hard to find the truthful info, and so I wanted to share, especially since this stuff is so important.

      Another thing: their fake creation story is the story of Isis and Horus, which is wrongly written in wikipedia, etc. It’s the story of how Isis had a son, who someone killed, then cut into 13 pieces and scattered the pieces all over the globe. Wikipedia says it was her husband, but it was her son. Anyway, she was then upset, retrieved all of the pieces except for one, and put them back together. Her son came back to life and the missing piece, his phallus, she just fashioned from concrete instead. Then she copulated with it and became pregnant. This happened on the 17th of the month, hence why the number 17 is so important to them. The child was named Horus. The reason why I’m telling this is because in the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington DC, there are obelisks (such as the Washington monument), and nearby to each, a domed building. The obelisk and dome represent the male and female components of creation, as per the story of Isis and Horus. There’s even an obelisk in NYC which was brought from Egypt, and a hole had to be cut into the side of the ship, to fit the obelisk. Add to this, the old churches with crosses on steeples and the bell towers with the church bells. The steeple and bell are the male and female parts, and the steeple is an obvious way to insult Christianity, too. It goes on and on, and they broadcast who they are and what their plans are for us in these coded ways, only because they know that by Karmic law, Karma will come back to them for their evil, unless they can “tell us” with their symbiology, etc., and we “accept” it and look the other way. It’s all so crazy, but we’re arresting their azzes, Gitmo is filled to the brink, DC is turned into a prison, Hollywood (Hellywood) is dead, etc., and we’re trolling them with their own belief system by taking back the number 17, etc. Thanks for reading!

      1. You seem to have such knowledge! Are you a theologian? Your post was very interesting. 🙂

      2. … and do you have a soc media that I can follow? 🙂

      3. Jon Schrader says:

        You really should craft your self a 10 gallon cowboy hat made of tin foil to wear whenever you decide to write another post similar to this one. Thanks for taking the time to write all that, I was entertained, but I think it was off topic by way more than one degree.

      4. Austin Zobel says:

        Hey Yvette, just wanted to hello and thank you for commenting. I think you’re a very sharp researcher- with a gift of synergizing details to make easy to understand.

        I’ve recently begun my journey of waking up. I’m seeing the alien origins to humanity’s way of life… I’m seeing the the control systems and their sources are becoming clearer and clearer. Everything I knew has crumbled away… We really have been slumbering- I can hardly believe it.

        The question naturally arises, Where do we go from here?

      5. Hey, a lot of facts here. A lot of misinformation too.

        The reptiles are one of may and yes they are in many ways controlling things. However there are others too.

        The Egyptians were not satanic. There were quite advanced and were a free energy civilization which is what the 3 great pyramids are. Also the arc of the covenant is a nuclear reactor which activates a gateway. the ones left behind to rule were terrible ofc which is what all cultures and religions have done once they were left for humans to show other humans the way.

        The story of god v the devil, is highly mutilated. Also every story for a god, regardless of culture, are aliens or other dimensional beings. Jesus is only of many. they were here for various purposes from enslavement to enlightenment.

        Also, Europe has the most ley lines on land for sure, but not by that much, check out India etc. ( other places too) . Check out the book of Enoch. also, the more benevolent aliens gave us math etc, also we were from mars but bombed it senseless and were moved.

        the vedas have so much science that moderns science is still catching up to what is on scriptures centuries old. good and bad are just concepts, there are just beings who want workers and slaves and beings who want us to be enlightened so we join the next level of existence.

        Cheers 🙂

        1. Pat Pierini says:

          Thank you so very much for the one and only (so far) intelligent/informed and enlightened ‘comment’….I was aghast at all the previous ‘comments’-yes, if only humans could be students of the vedas this world would be a much better place, alas the hubris and anthropomorphism! Thank you again!

        2. Some of the Egypt Pharaoes suffered from syndromes – unclean spirits/souls. Some mummies tells us.

      6. Charlie R says:

        Where did you find that Rh negative blood is connected toJesus? I would be very interested in that, too. Thanks for posting!

      7. Ryan Hensley says:

        Amen brother. I have come to the same conclusions after researching my entire life most of my free time. I second everything you said here. Keep sharing the truth!

      8. I commented at another place that mummies fron Egyptian pharaoes suffered from symdromes- like the xxxy or whatever that give a man female hips and breasts – Akenathen or how he spells his name. Father of Tutankamon. Unclean souls beeing about. The graves in churches rather has a lot in common with that Jews did or started to do during Ezekiels time. And the same thing has been inherited in Christian Churches- they started to build Chuches above the graves of the first Apostles. I don´t think Jesus C preached this nor do I think Simon Petrus like it. An extra rib is common with some dinosaurs and other animals. But with all things going on in this world it´s rather hard to know if the hen really was before the egg. The fallen angels I think was active among the Egyptians and among the rich and powerful all over the world. Hardly with the poor. To gain total power over the world- well it might mean they have to snuff the flickering flame. Holy Spirit, Holy Soul and it might be someones plan to snuff as many Rh negative ppl so the few remaining can be enslaved or killed all at once. I do think most on this planet has to do with … I mean there is a truth and everything happening on the planet has to do with that.

    5. Rena Murray says:

      Hello, I’m Rh B- and I am biracial as well, my father is black and my mother is European. I love the history that you gave about where the Rh-negative factor comes from. There is a town in Europe that is called Basque and the people from Basque are supposed to be ancestors to Neanderthals. I find that hard to believe because to me it would seem that Rh-Positive people would be related to the Neanderthals. You’ve given me a different place to research. Because I’ve never heard of the negative factor coming out of Africa, but that makes perfect sense because all people were supposed to have derived from Africa. Yes, I’ve researched and we are protected against Covid or at least we will not get too sick. I don’t think I’ve had it yet.

    6. Jenny Louis says:

      There is no monkey ancestor. The reference to Rhesus monkeys is only because it was their blood being analyzed when they discovered the D antigen. A protein on your blood cells. Later they discovered that some of us don’t have the D antigen. And 85% of Rh- are white. Not sure why or whatnot means it’s just a fact.

  4. I am A-. Luckily I don’t get sick often at all, even when around someone who is. I do have allergies (pollen & dust), and asthma. No food allergies that I know of though, and I love all kinds of food.

    1. Hey. I’m a- also. I have pollen allergies too. I enjoy reading articles about this but often feel skeptical about aliens

      1. Brenda Gale says:

        Hi I am also Rh A –
        Have Asthma & Pollen Allergies.

  5. mary rose brien says:


    1. Susan Mann says:

      No one should take the vaccine. It will alter your dna.

      1. According to the research I have done, it does not alter DNA.

          1. Ryan Hensley says:

            Same conclusion here. and when I research I research extensively. For crying out loud there are patents on Corona and on nano tech that will turn your body into an operating system connected to the internet. It’s not even hard to find it’s all out there in the open

        1. TBH, nobody really knows.
          This is why nobody should take the vaccine, because it is not properly tested, and is issued only because C19 is supposed to have precipitated an emergency.
          But it is no worse than common flu, so there is no need to rush to be vaccinated.
          Increase your vitamin D levels, and take zinc plus quercetin, and you have no need of a vaccine.
          The only reason it is being pushed so heavily is because the spike protein it produces causes blood clots, and the criminals in charge want to kill you, so as to reduce world population.
          BG has openly stated this.

        2. Yvette Maranowski says:

          Your sources are lying. They’ve even introduced a third strand of DNA.

      2. Tina Gutholm says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…conspiracy junkies here too. LOL alter your DNA. OMG HAHA. Thanks for the laugh.

        1. You know the people that want you to look away from the truth. Use the word conspiracy. Being open to others views, ideas and theories without judgement and ego. Is a sign of great intellect.

          1. Correct Nadine.

          2. Yvette Maranowski says:

            Many of these people are paid trolls, they’re usually easy to pick out because their comments are all ego and no brains, common sense, or maturity.

          3. 0- blood types are truth seekers! That’s why we do all the research for the people who are sleeping still. I do my best to inform people , but some are so far gone they wouldn’t know the truth of it hot em in the face ! I’ll be happy to share my tin foil hat when this is all over and and truth is revealed ! But for now I’ll keep it on til I know they 5G is destroyed. Who knows? It could either protect me or microwave my rare blood even faster . 🧐😳☠️⚠️

          4. Charlie R says:

            Agreed 100% Nadine.

          5. julie close says:

            I believe you hit the nail on the head.

        2. Renee Sutton says:

          Why do we need a vaccine for a virus that 99.7% recover from? So we can have 99.8%? It’s no conspiracy that vaccines are not necessary .

          1. I too read every so little but still, that research made by Harvard that the vaccine do alter a humans DNA. Well since virus seems to be unclean souls, spirits to science (zika virus= an unclean soul that gives the babies Homo Erectus skulls and Neanderthal skulls – would be interesting to know if they have Homo Sapien bodies- if so that might be the reason they can´t walk, foramen magnums location). So vaccine might open the door to becoming possessed by other souls in short.

        3. Eric Bonaparte says:

          What are you laughing for? Did you find out what’s in this serum that is only good for six months while changing your DNA… this virus has a US PATENT expired in 2020. Did you know that? Go ahead ..stab some poison in your body. You are the one that will have your head spinning and mental meltdowns when you learn you have been created by media. You can’t think for yourself, let alone research anything for real truth. Laugh all you want, the joke is on you … we already know it, you will have to learn ..if they let you. Not your fines moment, oh bright one.

        4. Jenny Louis says:

          You are fond of koolaide?

      3. Jenny Louis says:

        You are correct never stop telling people.

    2. Danny Mac says:

      I had coronavirus and I am O- I have had bleeding problems such as hemorrhaging. Why can’t we find out where we come from? I know we see things differently than a lot of people. That is the case with my grandmother and I. We don’t understand the cruelness of people. We feed off of each other’s energy. The more positive energy the better. Also, stay away from alcohol. I am not taking the covid vaccine because I am O- My grandmother had a very bad reaction to it. She is still not better. It is messing with her head. They will force us to take it, but we already know why. I think we know this.. I kind of feel most of us O- people are empathetic and sensitive and know that humanity is being destroyed at the hands of evil. Does anyone else think we are going to be grouped and studied? We need to really start talking to one another to see how much in common we really have. Does anyone else feel the evil energy coming from underground?

      1. I’m o neg and I totally agree!! You’re not alone!!

      2. Kari Badavinac says:

        My family is all RH Neg 4 B neg and 1 O neg. Have not been sick have not had covid. Wondering if we are related to rhehsus monkey or aliens?

        1. bee negative says:

          Being RH negative does not mean we are related to the RH monkey. We do not have the RH factor that the monkey has. RH positive people do have the RH factor. I have done a lot of research on RH negative and I cannot find any clear answers on the origin or why this is. It is so strange to me how we RH negative females reject our babies if they are RH positive. Why would this be? If we are all human, why would our bodies reject our baby we are carrying? I am B- and I have always felt like I do not fit in in most situations. My mom is negative also…neither of us have gotten covid and we have both been exposed to it several times. I hate heights and I have premonitions. I was given a card with my type negative blood registration which is another strange thing…that was after I got my Rhogam shot. I do think the government has a list of us and eventually something is going to come up where they need us for something. RH negative cannot be cloned. There are so many things that just don’t add up.

      3. Linda Bebar says:

        I’m O- and not taking any stupid vaccine.

      4. Oh, I think that people would rather be told what to think than research the the facts, not on the first two pages of Google. Really, delve into the answers… you will learn that the media has distorted it all since the beginning of its existence.. It is used to influence the masses and persuade with edited TV. Nothing is live and nothing is what you learn on TV. Those wearing masks when they don’t have to are the group in society that can’t be trusted. They will take the side of the most popular and not have your back. Those are the people the enemy wants to influence and will not have your back in the fight for freedom and truth. Where there is conspiracy there is always some truth and cover ups… Every time. Your world is nothing like you think. After all, look how Michelle “Big Mike” fooled you into thinking she was a girl, let alone First Lady… Michael played football for Oregon State. Our tranny
        First woMAN…FACT… so careful when you laugh at the educated ones… we research everything.

        1. Though research may not always lead to the truth since science exclude the truth by excluding the soul, spirit world. So researching what science say may not be the truth.

      5. I believe that the rhesus factor is the Mark of Cain; an animal protein that was placed into him to mark him out as a murderer and a criminal.
        Conversely, those such as yourself are the descendants of Adam and Seth, and so you are from God’s own bloodline, as are all the white race.
        Note where it says that a huge preponderance of Rh- people are white Europeans, who are actually the lost tribes of the Israelites of old, and vanishingly few Africans or Asians.
        So you are right; you are the sheep who hear His voice, and follow Him.

        1. I am facinated by my rhesus A neg blood. Your theory is intriguing… I believe, but am hesitant to assume we are special… God destroyed all men in the flood… Except a chosen few…
          How does it work that they survived and are now 85% of the population?

          1. In lesser Genesis The Book of Jubilees (also read the Book of Enoch to understand the Bible I think), we can read that after the flood demons once again started to sexually molest humans of seduce – and that has to do with sex. Temptation can be any sinning. But I think God killed everything living in an attempt to be rid of the unclean souls. But after the flood, the first generation of humans didn´t quite function in the same good way the 8 ppl that was saved . They couldn´t agree and was envious of oneahother. I think many but not all of the first generation after the flood became possessed since the unclean souls survived the flood. It might have made the ethnical groups on earth. Even white pinkish Europeans I think is ethnical just as Asian and Black Africans are. The Basques Rh negatives look very healthy- ruddy complexion but still more olive white skin I think than the pale white pinkish? The important thing is to be well functioning in mind and body- health.

          2. In Jubilees and Enoch we learn that God never blessed what the fallen angels did when they mingled with humans and had offsprings with us. That is the truth Jesus have come to testify of. 2Pet2:4 and Jud1:6-7 tell us of the punishment God has given the fallen angels and that info can only be read in Jubilees and Enogh. + Apocryphic scriptures that belong to the Old Testament say something negavie about the giants, first offsprings of the fallen angels- also info that is only read in Enoch and Jubilees. Take O blooders- the Ham children – I don´t think Scottish ppl with Rh – blood decend from Africa, nor the native Indians in North America -most of them if no tall O blooders. It is something else I think that makes the ethnical appearance – unclean souls with a lot of ape in them.

          3. I read a comment that the Basques in Spain are Hebrew origin. Well there is just as much unclean souls among the Jews these days and for along time too I think than with the rest of humanity. Meaning I don´t think Jews are more son of man (offsprings of Adam and Eve) than others- but then who is God in the Bible? The Creator of Heaven and Earth – Universe and all/most that is on this planet. But not everthing- God is not the creator of meat eating animals for starter, and his humans are not meat eaters either. So who did the sabeltooth tigers? Dinos? I have my own theory about the Jews- that Jesus means something special when he says that the Jews of “his” time didn´t do the deeds of their father Abram.

        2. Or, Adam and Eve became possessed by demons as soon as they had commited a sin. They never had sex before the falling off in sin but afte sinning they made aprons of figleaves to conceal their genitals. Now why was that? Maybe the demons from hell sexually molested them and they could not conceal their falling off in sin to God.

      6. ABSOLUTELY!!! I think we are definitely different people than the main population?

      7. I’m O+ and I’m extremely empathetic towards others, I have a strong affinity to others emotional wellbeing, its so bad I struggle around others grief because I can’t control the pain I feel for them, especially when they I should be strong for them. You shouldn’t be quick to generalise and judge others, thats you’re ego talking. Definitely don’t take the vaccine, on this we definitely agree 100%. I’m sorry your grandmother got so sick and I wish her well in her recovery. Keep sending her those positive vibes and she will hopefully recover quickly to full health.

      8. I have those thoughts about rhesus neg O .If it is a rare blood group and the monarchy and many at the top have, it it is frightening to think that we who have this blood group could be used for our blood to keep the elite alive . I hope it does not come to that, but the way the world is going anything could happen as too much power and corruption. I am an empath and very sensitive so worry about these things hoping they never happen I just put my faith in the great Creator.

  6. I am RH- and I am A-, so it is not exclusively a type O- trait.

    1. Brenda Gale says:

      Hi I am also Rh A –
      Have Asthma & Pollen Allergies.

  7. Would also like to add, why it is controversial regarding the theory of evolution, RH+ blood has the same traits as monkeys/apes, RH- does not have this connection.

    1. Jamie Martin says:

      maybe us rh- people come from reptiles lol…never know…

    2. Rena Murray says:

      that would be correct!

  8. I am Rh Negative group B blood with no antibodies. When at school I had a reaction to the scratch test for the BCG jab (TB) so never had to have the jab I was the only one in our school this happened to. at the age of 11 I had yellow jaundice, when I had my four babies I had to have a jab also they did to. When I was 33 I had my gallbladder removed. Between these times I never saw a doctor I was in good health. I then went to the doctor age 73 because I was still having a regular monthly period with no problem until that week it was found that I had cancer in the womb, where did that come from. That was the first time I had seen my doctor for 9 years! I have never had the flu jab because I never get the flu, I am over the cancer had everything removed then they found that the top entrance valve of my heart is strangely enlarge how did that happen? I had that all my life with no trouble even now not affected by it but now take thinners and beta blockers. All these things I have had and no one else in our family have had and I am the only one with my blood group. Apart from that I am in good health and have been told I look a lot younger that 76. I have been reading up information now regarding about should I have the vaccine I have been invited to clinic trails but I’m not brave enough also been told not to have the vaccine until I hear back from my GP. I never thought there was so much to know about blood it’s interesting finding out.

    1. Charlie R says:

      Too many negative risks associated with the poisonjab.I would suggest against it.

  9. I am RH Negative B and I had to have a shot when I had my son, did not
    have any more children. I use to catch everything, sore throats, flue I would catch
    everything. I have always had stomach issues my entire life, just the past 2 years my stomach has been good. I had so much acid, now it is not as bad but suffered from acid reflux many years but not in the esophagus in my stomach. Yes I am over weight, and yes I have a fib. the doctors told me 3 out of 10 will develop afib, its very common, but he told me my valve or something is large but not to worry and loosing the weight could help. So I am on blood thinners. Had episode with afib, it would happen every 5 years so strange. 4 trips to the emergency room, but with the preventive maintenance so far under control as best, but heart still will beat out of rhythm then go back to normal, I really don’t like it and can’t drink any alcohol, that triggers it. I was so good for 1 year then I had a few bears over the weekend, the heart didn’t like it, so I popped in my mouth I was giving flecinide and it went back to normal rhythm so I do not touch alcohol.

    1. Jamie Martin says:

      I’m Rh- as well and I thought I had Afib because my mom has it but mine was ruled out and my diagnosis was anxiety. I was having heart palpation’s from anxiety and I have skin issues and stomach problems,GURD,Acid reflex. Had 1 baby 26years ago and had to get shots.

      1. GERD is fully preventable by taking the supplement d-limonene, 1000 mg every other day for 21 days, then you’re good for six months without.

    2. If you buy the supplement taurine, it will stop the heart rhythm abnormalities.

      1. Sandra j anderson says:

        Does this work on a fib?

    3. afib! you are probably low in intracellular magnesium.
      most of the time, they can do cardioversions with magnesium sulfate drip alone.
      magnesium in the serum may not be bad, but the RBC absorbs it slowly. I use the spray. seems to get to the cell better without flooding the serum.

      doctors are the eugenics arm of the NWO.

  10. Judy Pitolay says:

    very interesting information. I am AB (RH negative). had to have the “shots” when I was pregnant with my son 46 yrs ago. Neither of us have had any problems. I am 70 now, consider myself quite healthy, a few allergies come spring time, that’s about it. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman – we have a lot of fresh caught fish (mostly pickerel & trout) and a lot of wild meat – moose, elk, deer, etc.

    Neither of us have had the flu (or taken flu shots) and we’ve not been sick in years, not even with a cold.

    we consider ourselves very lucky in that we have maintained a relatively healthy life.

    1. You are doing the right things.
      Flu shots are well known to reduce the T cell count, and these cells remember infections and respond to them if new variants are encountered in subsequent years.
      The whole vaccination frenzy is simply designed to increase pharma’s bottom line; there is no benefit, but significant harm, in accepting these toxic substances.
      The history of medicine clearly shows that infectious disease had been essentially eradicated by better diets and hygiene in the west long before vaccines started piggy backing this trend.

      1. Charlie R says:

        I agree 100%. Vaccinesare a racket, meant to makepharma rich, and make more patients for them to ‘treat’ to get more rich.

  11. Too many vaxs in my opinion

  12. Hello – I’m rH neg, a- and have also suffered from chronic skin disorder. I quit drinking and went vegan, this helped with regulating my dietary and body issues. I do not have a fear of heights, but I am super picky with my food. Definitely nomadic, love people but fine being alone.

    1. I too have gone vegan but for my Christian faith – we are not aloud to eat blood, nor meat from suffocated animals – blood will remain in the meat if the animals heart does not pump out the blood- cows are slaughtered the “right” way. But I have always been disgusted by meat ever since I was a child. So going vegan is like coming home.

  13. Stefan_St says:

    Jsem nositelem krve A-bez Rh.
    Děti člověka ti bez Rh faktoru jsou nositelé kompendia poznání celého univerza, tady na zemi jsou jako pozorovatelé. Děti lidí je 85% s Rh+oni se instinktivně bojí těch 15% bez Rh. Jsou klony, vypěstované na DNA primátů, toho se prní dopustil Ábel, ton zabil Kaina, židé otočili pravdu. Ábel je prvním nositelem zvířecího instinktu, zabíjej nebo budeš zabit. Židé jsou všech 85% lidí.
    Nevěsta, také syn bez Rh se dali čipovat, tedy dobrovolně očkovat a tím se zřekli jedinečnosti vlastní originality duše a zdrojového práva, stali se tak sloužebníky Satana, (El, Ball, Jahve, a.t.d.) vakcíny jsou čipy a smlouvy se Satanem,(Elem) každý kdo podlehne strachu a tlaku většiny a přistoupí dobrovolně na očkování bude opakovat mnoho reinkarnací než se odprostí od této služby.
    Raději zvolím předčasnou smrt, než se vzdát suverenity.
    Kdo je bez Rh je živý navěky.

    1. I’m 0 – and I’ve never Ben sick not even a cold !

  14. natisha patterson says:

    RH A- …………….. and not afraid of heights, can really sense when someone is in a not so good mood. hardly get sick. had the covid shot. can breath just fine when i drive in the mountains. rather be in a very small group rather than a large crowd and rather stay home instead of going out for a late drink. took the shot when pregnant with all four of my kids. 31,29,24,and 19. yes I am white.

  15. silicarose says:

    i am RH-B. had two son and the shot. i had to receive the jab to travel way
    back in february. what can i do to neutralize the effects of the
    vaccine. DNA?

  16. julie close says:

    Throwing this idea out there, not to argue at all. . .Could the lack of infectious diseases be attributed to the rh- personality and preference traits?

    For example many of you report: prefer small groups, like to stay home. This could be the very reason you are much less likely to have caught flu, colds and other airborne illness.
    Can’t drink, food allergies make you so sick you have learned to be very careful with what you consume. This could make one healthier.

    1. Seems like some here with Rh – live in families with many Rh + and still don´t get ill when all others are. But indeed the way humans live must have an effect too.

  17. julie close says:

    Throwing this idea out there, not to argue at all. . .Could the lack of infectious diseases be attributed to the rh- personality and preference traits?

    For example many of you report: prefer small groups, like to stay home. This could be the very reason you are much less likely to have caught flu, colds and other airborne illness.
    Can’t drink, food allergies make you so sick you have learned to be very careful with what you consume. This could make one healthier.

    If you are intuitive then you are probably cautious. If you are fearful of heights, might you be a more careful / scared person that takes less risk.

    Just a bit of explaining theories

    1. My only rebuttal here is that mixing with others actually improves our immune system and makes it stronger. Children, for example, are healthier because they share everything and are not particularly sanitary. There bodies quickly recognize and respond to invaders. The exact opposite was done as a “pandemic” response and isolation and masks did not prevent or slow down any disease. By the way, you can’t make a vaccine without isolating the virus. The weakened or dead virus makes a vaccine, not an artificial RNA/DNA immune response altering spike-protein.

  18. A- and have been sick for 2 years now. Dx’ed with reactivated Epstein Barr Virus.
    Started with the flu in Febr. 2020, developed exercise intolerance thereafter, and lost all energy a few months later, like collapsing. EBV was found to be reactivated.
    Guess I’m the unlucky one where a nasty virus does damage.

  19. From: Wanda gwin
    Is O negative rare in the th group?

  20. Donna Boritz says:

    Im RH Neg.Can someone tell me can we have just Rh Neg,
    or is there to be a A or b after it?
    Im confused,i thought i was just RH neg,
    My hub says i have to be A Or B,
    i had a transfusion and i wasnt aware of either,
    Just was told when i had kids in the 80’s i was RH neg,
    but they gace the shots after you delivered,
    So much has changed since then,
    i am full of immune diseases,and i hapve
    Gastroparesis and im a hot old mess,

  21. don laughery says:

    B neg, low temp., high IQ, breezed thru covid, never have flu/colds, have esp dreams that come true…….

  22. I am also Rh-, O – actually. I have had 5 children , two Rh-, 2 Rh+ and one stillborn. I also am sensitive to pollen and skin allergies, don’t like heights and do not like crowds, prefer being alone much of the time. I am healthy and do not take meds or vaccines. I have always had a sense of not fully belonging wherever I am and am only really comfortable with family. I am intensely interested in metaphysical and spiritual reading and always feel like I am searching. But I do have a strong sense of loving and caring for people but an utter abhorrence of what I perceive to be evil and wrongdoing!

  23. I see none of my comments have been published, sadly. I recommend all to read Book of Jubilees and Book of Enoch together with the Bible for undertsanding of the Bible. And especially chapter 23 in Book of Jubilees.

  24. And I do wonder if there are any Rh negative blood types among the syndromes, especially in Progeria syndrome? Also if the Cro Magnon human had Rh negative blood?

  25. peter windysz says:

    Surprising, considering us negs are suppose to be smarter than most, that not one of you has mentioned that you knew the `cv19` was fake. It did not exist. In fact t was all planned and big part of a major white hat military sting/op and ongoing great awakening and 10 year desensitization program + ALLOT more!

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