• lower back pain relief

    10 Lower Back Pain Relief Methods

    Almost everybody experiences some kind of back pain eventually at some point in their lives. Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy. Or you’re dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis. Be that as it may, regardless of when it shows up or what may have created it, back pain can be a […]

  • what is apheresis definition

    10 Facts On What Is Apheresis

    What is Apheresis The human body is a sensitive structure. It is vulnerable to both internal and external injuries which may result to blood loss. With excessive loss of blood, the body can succumb to complications. Medical experts therefore advise people to donate blood to others through a medical procedure known as Apheresis. It is a procedure of […]

  • megakaryocytes definition

    10 Megakaryocyte Facts

    Bleeding stops due to blood clotting. Clotting occurs when various proteins and other factors recreate fibers in the skin to stop the bleeding and restore the skin tissues broken or injured. Platelets, a component of our blood, are primarily responsible for blood clotting. However, to what should we be thankful for that we have platelets […]

  • coagulopathy definition

    10 Essentials About Coagulopathy

    Under normal circumstances, bleeding after an injury stops after some time due to the clotting process called coagulation. The clotting process is interplay of various proteins in the blood called clotting factors (i.e. coagulation factors). And when clotting fails, serious consequences follow. Coagulopathy Definition Coagulopathy is a condition in which the blood’s ability to clot […]

  • what is Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

    10 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Essentials

    It is important to first discuss the difference between dengue fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Although both diseases which are caused by the dengue virus exhibit the same initial symptoms, Dengue Fever is a less threatening condition as compared to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. The latter is a rather more severe condition that may lead to […]

  • sugar free desserts for diabetics

    10 Sugar Free Desserts for Diabetics

    Diabetes, medically referred as diabetes mellitus, is a group of metabolic medical condition in which a person has high levels of glucose or blood sugar in the body. The condition makes heart and circulatory problems more likely. Most people develop high blood pressure which can lead to stroke, blood vessel damage, kidney failure, etc. Complications of type […]

  • what is dvt prophylaxis guidelines

    10 DVT Prophylaxis Factors To Know

    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that develops in larger and deep veins of the body. It usually happens in the lower leg and thigh, although it may occur in the pelvic area, arms and neck. DVTs can be dangerous and life threatening. When the blood clot grows larger, breaks up, moves through […]