lower back pain relief

10 Lower Back Pain Relief Methods

Almost everybody experiences some kind of back pain eventually at some point in their lives. Perhaps you bent the wrong way while lifting something heavy. Or you’re dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis.

what is apheresis definition

10 Facts On What Is Apheresis

The human body is a sensitive structure. It is vulnerable to both internal and external injuries which may result to blood loss. With excessive loss of blood, the body can succumb to complications. Medical experts therefore advise people to donate blood to others through a medical procedure known as Apheresis.

blood clot treatment

10 Blood Clot Treatment Essentials

These are just a few of the causes of blood clots. When left unattended, a thrombosis can be life threatening. It can hinder normal blood circulation which can lead to the lack of blood supply to delicate tissues. When the blood clot suggests harm, proper medical management should not be ignored.

blood clotting disorders

10 Blood Clotting Disorders

When a person is physically injured, the external layer of the involved skin is usually torn apart, causing it to bleed. In order to stop the bleeding, a number of proteins and other different blood particles start to work together in forming a blood clot with the common purpose of stopping blood loss. The process, … Continue reading “10 Blood Clotting Disorders”

direct thrombin inhibitors

10 Essentials About Direct Thrombin Inhibitors

Thrombin plays a central role in the generation of blood clots to stop bleeding. However, a blood clot that forms and remains in a vessel of the body (thrombus) can cause vascular obstruction.