10 Causes of Blood in Stool (Pooping Blood)

Causes of Blood in Stool (Pooping Blood)
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Blood in Stool Treatment

An initial objective in the management and treatment of blood in stool is to stop acute bleeding. Endoscopy is usually performed to introduce chemicals and make use of laser to seal injured blood vessels. Moreover, angiography which is a more advanced method may also be considered where specific medication used to control bleeding is introduced directly into the blood vessels.

In cases of hemorrhoids, the patient may be advised to undergo minimally invasive procedures like infrared coagulation to harden the bleeding. The use of topical creams, schlerotherapy, surgery or rubber band ligation may also be recommended.

Other conditions may need specific treatment methods. The treatment for rectal ulcers will involve intake of fiber supplements in order to manage constipation. The presence of polyps in the colon makes it important for the person to undergo colonoscopy for removal. Advanced stage or severe ulcers may necessitate surgery. Medication may be also prescribed to relax the sphincter muscles.

Among most patients complaining of blood in stool, the use of fiber supplements, topical creams, stool softeners or warm baths has been observed to resolved the problem.


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