Lovers Carry One Man Carries for Emergency Rescue and First Aid

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“Lovers Carry” is not a specific first aid technique but rather a term used to describe a situation where two people carry an unconscious or injured third person between them, usually in a romantic or intimate context. This term is often used in a lighthearted or humorous manner, and it is essential to remember that first aid situations should always be approached with professionalism and prioritizing the well-being of the person in need.

The technique is also called “Carry in Arms” or “Cradles”. The method is used to transport an injured or unconscious person, usually a child, in a safe and comfortable manner. This technique is particularly useful when carrying the person over a short distance or up and down stairs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform a Cradle Carry:

  1. Kneel down next to the person, facing their head.
  2. Place one arm under the person’s knees, supporting their legs.
  3. Place your other arm behind their back, supporting their neck and head.
  4. Lift the person gently, keeping their head, neck, and spine aligned.
  5. Hold the person close to your body, with their head resting on your shoulder.
  6. Walk slowly and steadily, ensuring the person’s weight is evenly distributed between your arms and legs.

In the Cradle Carry, it is crucial to maintain proper support for the person’s head, neck, and spine to prevent any further injury. Always communicate with your assistant and adapt the carrying method based on the person’s needs and available resources. If you are unsure about the proper carrying technique or if the person’s condition worsens, seek professional medical assistance immediately.


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