best witch hazel uses

10 Best Witch Hazel Uses

What is Witch Hazel Have you already heard about the natural miracle shrub that can treat a variety of skin related problems? In fact, it also possesses a pleasant smell that can soothe your mood. Sounds like a perfect solution, yet not many of us know about the very beneficial shrub. This natural miracle shrub is … Continue reading “10 Best Witch Hazel Uses”

lymphedema treatment

10 Lymphedema Treatment Methods

Lymphedema is brought forth by an abnormality of the lymphatic system leading to a collection of protein-rich fluid that causes swelling of the affected tissues. If not treated, lymphedema can bring about chronic inflammation, hardening and infection of the skin, which can lead to further lymph vessel damage and distortion in the shape of the affected … Continue reading “10 Lymphedema Treatment Methods”