10 Best Witch Hazel Uses

best witch hazel uses
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What is Witch Hazel

Have you already heard about the natural miracle shrub that can treat a variety of skin related problems?

In fact, it also possesses a pleasant smell that can soothe your mood. Sounds like a perfect solution, yet not many of us know about the very beneficial shrub.

This natural miracle shrub is called Witch Hazel which is found mostly in Eastern North America, although other related species exist in North America, Asia and Europe.

The shrub may sometimes be referred by people as witch hazel plant or witch hazel tree.

Witch hazel plants grow for only about 3-8 meters but some could reach 12 meters.

What is Witch Hazel Used For

The bark and leaves of the shrub are mostly used as a natural astringent, which draws tissue together and constricts blood vessels.

Since hundreds of years ago, Native Americans have been using it to treat swellings and even tumors. As of date, it is still used for the same purpose and is mass produced in proper packaging for ease of use.

So, what is witch hazel good for?

Well, witch hazel for skin is common. More so is witch hazel for face.

In this article, we will get to identify in more detail the best uses for Witch Hazel.


Best Witch Hazel Uses

Below are the most common essentials and benefits of witch hazel many people throughout the world have been using it for.

1) Natural Astringent

Astringents will cause tissues to become pulled together which is usually beneficial in the reduction of bleeding.

It can also remove excess oil from the skin and shrink down pores. This method is an excellent way to reduce the severity of blemishes, blackheads and pimples.

The effective results has made the use of witch hazel on face become very popular.

2) Clear up those ugly eye-bags

What better ways can you use to clear up those eye bags without the risk of skin infections or other skin related allergies than natural methods?

Of course, you can try applying the natural astringent by simply soaking two pieces of pads with it and placing it around the area for about 5 minutes.

3) Stop Bleeding or Reduce Swelling

If you want to treat an open wound quickly and effectively, you can apply Witch Hazel on the gauze for use.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, you can be sure to prevent any infection or further bleeding.

4) Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids

WitchHazel can also offer relief for hemorrhoids. Since it can shrink blood vessels, it can be used in reducing the effects of hemorrhoids.

One of the key ingredients that can actually be found in many anti-hemorrhoid creams is witch hazel.

With a simple thought of the discomfort the condition provides, the witch hazel hemorrhoids benefit is something you would likely long for.

5) Battles Eczema

Witch hazel are proven to reduce the painful and annoying itch that results from Eczema.

It can also clear up visible patches caused by the disease.

6) Reduces Varicose Veins

Even though varicose veins does not usually cause any harm, it is still considered an eye-sore and embarrassing to have.

Using witch hazel will reduce and shrink these awful looking veins.

7) Treat or Even Prevent Razor Burn

It can be used to reduce itchy bumps and skin irritation that occurs after shaving due to its anti-inflammatory properties and in some cases, it can prevent them when used prior to shaving.

8) Soothe poison ivy

If you are going outdoors for any rugged activities, bringing along some anti-inflammatory cream that contains witch hazel would help you treat the painful effects of poison ivy.

9) Sunburn Relief

One of the most significant witch hazel benefits is the relief it provides from sunburn.

Avoid having those painful feeling when your skin peels and dries up after a long sunbath. By applying witch hazel cream onto your exposed skin, it can prevent and soothe sunburn effects.

10) Treat chicken-pox spots and itching

Apply witch hazel cream on the affected skin and you will notice the effect immediately. Less itchiness and reduced spots.

These are the most popular and effective ways of using witch hazel. The results may vary according to skin condition and the amount of witch hazel used.

Now, you may be thinking ‘where can I buy witch hazel?’

Where To Buy Witch Hazel

Today, you’ll now find several brands available such as Thayers Witch Hazel and Dickinson Witch Hazel. Also, there are varied products like witch hazel pads, witch hazel toner, witch hazel extract to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

With the help of technology, you can now easily purchase witch hazel online here.

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