10 Loose Leaf Tea Gift Essentials

Loose Leaf Tea
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Drinking tea has now been a common practice due to its benefits on health and losing weight. Most people hear the word tea and they just think…tea.

Simple as that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s loose leaf tea, steeped tea, bagged tea, or, heck, even iced tea. It’s all the same to them.

But for the avid tea lover, they’ll know how lovely a good loose leaf tea can be. Here is a list of loose leaf tea tools and stuffs that would make great gifts.


Loose Leaf Tea Essentials

1. Diffuser

This is the single most important tool you will need if you plan to make loose leaf tea.

Without a diffuser you won’t get very far. Basically, how it works is you select the loose leaf tea you want to make, add boiled water, and then let it sit.

The diffuser, depending on the model or type you have, will then push the loose leaves down, leaving the delicious tea for you to pour.

2. Infuser

The loose leaf tea infuser is not to be confused with the diffuser. Similar names but completely different functions.

Both are essential to making loose leaf tea, but having both isn’t necessary, just one or the other. An infuser is like a small mesh-like basket that you put the loose leaves in, close it, and then drop into hot water.

The infuser allows the water to seep through and make your yummy tea.

3. Filter Bags

These are sort of like an infuser, in theory. But with an infuser, it can be washed and reused. A filter bag normally can’t.

4. Tea Box

This isn’t really necessary, but tea lovers will consider it an essential thing for loose leaf tea.

A nice tea box will have multiple compartments so you can organize all of the different flavours of loose leaves you love.

5. Cream and Sugar Dishes

While some prefer to drink the tea naturally pure or with a little bit of honey, others like to add a bit of creamer/milk and a dash of sugar.

Having a fancy little cream and sugar bowl can be a cute accessory to your tea collection. Or, if cream and sugar isn’t your thing, use the dish set to hold honey.

6. Brew Basket

This is definitely a loose leaf tea essential if you have friends who also enjoy it.

A brew basket works the same way an infuser does. Only, you can make a large quantity of tea at once.

7. Teaspoon

Not really necessary, but again, can be an essential tool for an avid tea lover.

A cute teaspoon, or even a personalized one, is a great addition to your tea collection.

8. Tea Tongs

These babies date back to the age of kings and queens.

Tea tongs are used for squeezing that little bit of extra flavour from the tea bag or filter bag.

9. Airpot

An airpot is essentially a tea pot but only, it’s insulated.

Use your brew basket to make a large amount of tea and put it in your airpot to keep it warm for the whole day.

And if you’re a tea freak, you can fill your airpot in the morning and take it to work.

10. Mug

And lastly, it’s not crucial but for sure a must have for tea lovers.

A good mug, one that has a roomy handle and holds plenty of tea, is certainly a tea essential not to miss.

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