10 Matcha Green Tea Powder Essentials

Matcha Green Tea Powder
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What is Matcha Tea

A green tea is a product that comes from leaves of a short tree that are processed under minimal oxygen. The origin of green tea is China but has since spread to other countries especially of the Asian continent.

There are several varieties of green tea differentiated by the process of growing, the time of harvesting, production, and processing.

Matcha is a finely ground powder of which is a green tea product processed from specially grown sources.


Matcha Green Tea Powder

Below are matcha tea benefits and essentials you can expect from the product.

1. Preparation

The production of the Matcha is sourced from tea leaves that have been grown under a shade.

Its preparation starts earlier before the leaves are harvested. It might take up to 20 days to have the leaves protected from direct sunlight. This helps to produce amino acids having the leaves turn its color into dark green.

Therefore, its flavor is dominated by the amino acids.

After 20 days, the leaves are harvested and laid out to dry. Eventually, they will be stone-grounded to produce Matcha.

The highest grade of the powder will have a deeper flavor with a more intense sweetness.

2. Common in Japan

The Matcha is common in Japan and some other Asian countries, where it is consumed as tea or sometimes used as an ingredient in foods.

The Matcha is different from other green teas whereas in Japan, it is an essential product during celebrations of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

Today, tasty preparations like the matcha latte has increasingly become popular.

3. Finely powdered leaves

Matcha is actually a special kind of tea.

In comparison to other green teas whose components get infused into hot water where the leaves are discarded during processing, the green tea Matcha is different because you will actually be drinking the actual leaves that are finely powdered and prepared with added water, to make the tea.

4. Nutrient-rich

The product has been famous for having numerous nutritious and health benefits.

Compared to other green teas, the health benefits in Matcha is far match above in the provision of nutrients such as fiber, chlorophyll and antioxidants among other benefits.

5. Mood enhancer

The Matcha green tea is also a significant product to naturally enhance moods – one of the commonly sought for benefits of matcha green tea.

Therefore, Matcha benefits people who are under stress. As mentioned previously, the tea contains amino acid which is also responsible for relaxing the mind thereby enhancing the mood.

In the past, the elderly used to drink the Matcha so as to assist them in the meditation. When amino acids are combined with caffeine, it offers natural calmness and alertness.

6. Provides energy and weight loss

Some of the health benefits of drinking Matcha green tea includes the provision of energy and focus all day. This happens because organic Matcha green tea powder can actually help improve concentration.

Furthermore, the intake of Matcha also boasts benefits of losing weight naturally by increasing the person’s metabolism.

7. Intense taste

The unique and intense taste of Matcha tea powder comprises a vegetal and astringent taste as a result of the chlorophyll and amino acids.

When the Matcha is prepared traditionally using Japanese style by whisking with water, it forms a full-blonde green tea, with an intense and taste similar to first tastes of dark chocolate or red wine.

The Matcha is sufficient to add taste to foods when used as an ingredient to enhance flavor and color.

8. Caffeine content

The special green tea matcha powder contains caffeine, and since it is made from whole leaves, the amount of caffeine is three times more than the normal green tea.

Also, compared to caffeine in other stimulants such as coffee, Matcha is better because of the special amino acid contents that help balance and promote a sense of calmness and alertness.

9. Great quality

Matcha green tea benefits may be really interesting but note that the quality of the Matcha may vary from product to product.

The best quality Matcha tea are more expensive. A high quality Matcha tea is usually fresh and pure which is more effective in its results upon use.

10. Commonly sweetened with sugar

Another unique thing about Matcha is the fact that the powders can be sweetened to make it more palatable.

The taste is actually described as spinach-like and very strong. The Matcha can be sweetened by adding sugar or milk and it can be consumed with cocoa.

Where To Buy Matcha Green Tea Powder

Now that we’ve found really good Matcha health benefits, you may now be excited to prepare a tea for yourself (or a matcha green tea latte probably?) but wondering ‘where can I buy matcha green tea powder?’, then you’ll love this.

You can now easily find the best matcha green tea powder online here!

How To Make Matcha Tea

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