10 Best Epsom Salt Uses
  • best epsom salt uses

    10 Best Epsom Salt Uses

    What is Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate or commonly known as Epsom Salt is not actually a type of salt but pure minerals of magnesium and sulfate. So, how does epsom salt work? What Does Epsom Salt Do Epsom salts has been well known for its use as a natural remedy and treatment option for a […]

  • Benefits-of-White-Tea

    10 Benefits of White Tea

    Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world next to water and comes in many forms. Black and green tea is the most popular in the western world. On the other hand, white tea is native to China and has gained popularity due to its disease fighting components coupled with its low caffeine […]

  • oolong tea benefits

    10 Oolong Tea Benefits

    For many years, drinking tea has been a method used for medicinal purposes. The first people who are believed to utilize tea as a medical remedy are the Chinese. There are a number of different kinds of tea that you can drink to help you. In this regard is oolong tea, which provides some unique benefits that […]

  • Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

    10 Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

    Dandelions are most often thought of as invasive weeds and garden pests that only deserve to be promptly removed out of the scene. But think again before you do, as the dandelion plant actually has many health benefits to redeem its bad reputation. You can actually use its dried roots to make a tea. Let us […]

  • Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea Benefits

    10 Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea Benefits

    It’s ironic how a plant that can inflict so much pain could be the very solution to deal with a problem. Stinging nettle plant was first discovered as a native shrub in chilly areas of Europe and Asia, but is now grown all around the world. The green shrub has fine hairs on its leaves and stems […]

  • rooibos tea benefits

    10 Rooibos Tea Benefits

    There are many types of tea that claim to hold a great number of health benefits to people who consume them, and many of them really do. However, one such type that undoubtedly possesses several health benefits is the rooibos tea. Without further ado, let’s start looking into them. Rooibos Tea Benefits 1. Improves Your Sleep To start it off, the first […]

  • Chicory Root Extract

    10 Chicory Root Extract Essentials

    The woody, herbaceous plant, Chicory is a perennial herb whose roots are used extensively to make medicines and cure a number of health problems. But chicory root is found to be more useful in its extracted form as a natural food additive. Chicory root extract, popularly known as Inulin, is prepared by removing the insoluble component of […]