low carb vegetables

10 Low Carb Vegetables

For people suffering from metabolic disorders like Diabetes Mellitus Type II, a low carb diet is often recommended in order to prevent and control the increase in blood sugar levels. While healthy individuals do not need to stick with low carbs, considering the diet (especially low carb fruits and veggies) in their nutrition plan can be beneficial for weight loss … Continue reading “10 Low Carb Vegetables”

Almond Flour

10 Almond Flour Essentials

What is Almond Flour Almond flour has actually been used in hundreds of recipes. Think of almond flour cookies? Almond flour bread? Almond flour muffins? Almond flour cake? The flour is spectacularly nutritious, offering a collection of minerals and nutrients for your body. Also, it is low in calories, low in carbs, and low in sugars. … Continue reading “10 Almond Flour Essentials”

Low Carb Fruits

10 Low Carb Fruits

There is no doubt that forbidden foods are often the sweetest and most delicious. And for people who want to lose weight by cutting their cab intake, this expression takes on a literal meaning. Nevertheless, getting enough fruits every day can be a challenge for some people. But research shows that fruits can help minimize … Continue reading “10 Low Carb Fruits”

10 Ezekiel Bread Essentials

What is Ezekiel Bread In recent years, there have been many arguments about the regular bread being an unhealthy food because of its high carbohydrate and sugar content. Ezekiel Bread came out to actually be the better option especially for people who are planning to rule out ordinary wheat bread from their diets. It is made from various … Continue reading “10 Ezekiel Bread Essentials”

soluble fiber foods

10 Soluble Fiber Foods

Dietary fiber is an important part of a balanced, healthy diet. You can find fibers in a variety of food sources, though there are two types of dietary fiber: insoluble and soluble fibers. Insoluble fibers doesn’t absorb water, while soluble fibers absorb waters as it slows digestion. Both types of fibers have shown to reduce cholesterol and the … Continue reading “10 Soluble Fiber Foods”

Liquid Diet Weight Loss

10 Best Food & Diet Meal Plan for Liquid Diet Weight Loss

For purposes of this discussion, let us first define liquid diets and liquid diet weight loss. Basically, a liquid diet is a drink that contains low calories. These liquids can be made at home although some of them may need medical supervision.