10 Best Diet Meal Plan & Food Nutrition Practices for C. Difficile Infection

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Nobody enjoys getting infections, and this usually goes without saying. While there are many infections that will come and go within the week without much of a second thought, there are some infections that can be a major pain to deal with. The C. Difficile Infection is one such infection. This specific infection involves an inflammation of the colon caused by the bacteria Clostridium difficile. This infection will often bring diarrhea, pains, and a fever along with it, and if it is not treated properly, can sometimes become fatal if it causes too much damage to the colon. Thankfully, eating certain foods will help you fight off the worst of the infection, putting you on the road to recovery before you know it.

Food & Nutrition Diet (Meal Plan) for C. Difficile Infection

#1 Recommended Breakfast Diet for C. Difficile Infection

How Many Carbs in a Banana

There are many people who do not feel hungry in the mornings, and when you are battling a C. Difficile infection, you will also have to deal with a lack of appetite to boot. This can make it difficult for you to get your first meal of the day down, but it is all the more important that you get something in your body. Generally, you will want to go for a “soft” diet. This means you will want to avoid foods that you have to crunch to really swallow. Because diarrhea is a big symptom of the C. Difficile infection, you will also want to look for fiber-rich foods. Having some strawberries and/or bananas with some oatmeal in the morning is a wonderful way to have a soft meal that also includes some of the fiber you will need to keep yourself healthy. Probiotic-rich yogurts are also a good solution, as your gut will need some of the good bacteria replenished while fighting an infection such as C. Difficile infection.

#2 Recommended Lunch Diet for C. Difficile Infection

Pasta Food Diet

For your next meal, you will still want to look at fiber-rich foods. Pasta, potatoes, and rice are excellent options. For instance, you could make yourself some rice or rice bran, and add some apple pulp, citrus fruits, or strawberries for some flavor. While this isn’t the most appetizing lunch, it is one that will help to keep your body in balance as it fights through the C. Difficile infection. Some noodles, as long as they are not too heavily seasoned, are also a good meal for lunch. Just make sure that you are not looking at anything that is too acidic or fatty, and you will be able to enjoy a relatively nice meal.

#3 Recommended Dinner Diet for C. Difficile Infection

udon noodles health benefits

Dinners are often considered one of the largest meals of the day, but when you need to adapt to a soft diet, it can become confusing. You should continue with the soft diet, meaning that noodles and rice are going to be the bulk of your meals. You could also look at tempeh and miso, with are both Asian dishes. Tempeh originated from southeast Asia, specifically the Indonesian area, and is made from primarily soybeans. Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning that also comes from soybeans, and often has koji (something used in the process of fermenting soybeans), barley, seaweed, and similar ingredients mixed in. It can easily spice up a dish, while adding a sizable amount of probiotic-rich foods into your diet as well.

#4 Recommended Snack Diet for C. Difficile Infection

Yogurt Strawberry Food Diet

Especially when you are not feeling up to eating full meals, regular snacks become important. Some snacks that you will want to focus on will be yogurts, specifically the ones that are labeled with “live active cultures,” crackers, strawberries, applesauce, bananas, and toast. In some cases, you can even combine some of these foods to create new and different snacks to eat while your body fights off the C. Difficile infection. Each and every one of these foods have fiber, probiotics, or a combination of the two.

#5 Recommended Drinks for C. Difficile Infection

Natural Laxatives for Constipation Relief warm water

When you are suffering from diarrhea, making sure that you stay hydrated is imperative. You should up your intake of all liquids. Water is always a must. Herbal tea can have some soothing effects, making it something else to consider. Fruit juices that have been diluted with water are both flavorful and have the benefits of the fruit in them. If the diarrhea is severe, you will need to consider replenishing crucial electrolytes through a sports drink. With infections that can be as severe as the C. Difficile infection, sometimes nutrients are more important than the taste of the drink itself.

#6 Recommended Herbs for C. Difficile Infection

Flax Seed for Low Blood Platelets

There are a few different types of herbs that you will want to look at as well. Flaxseed is known to be high in fiber, as well as several other nutrients that are beneficial to your mental health. This will make it good for you in a number of ways. Psyllium is another type of herb that is high in fiber, meaning that you should consider finding some to take. Psyllium is commonly used in supplements that alleviate the symptoms of mild diarrhea and constipation, meaning that it is something to keep on hand when you are fighting off the C. Difficile infection.

#7 Recommended Fruits for C. Difficile Infection

citrus lemon fruit food diet

Fruits are always an important part of your diet, although there are some that you will want to focus on when you are dealing with the C. Difficile infection. Apple pulp, citrus, bananas, and strawberries are all fruits that have fiber in them. This makes them wonderful for anyone who is having any degree of diarrhea. These are some of the fruits that you should focus on, although making sure that you have a proper nutritional intake is always important.

#8 Recommended Vitamin/s for C. Difficile Infection

Best Vitamin D Supplements

Generally, when you have diarrhea, you need to make sure that you replenish your body’s nutrients. This usually means that you need to up your general intake of vitamins. There is really no specific vitamin that you should be looking at to cure your C. Difficile infection. Making sure that you have enough vitamins in your diet is the best thing you can do for yourself.

#9 Recommended Mineral/s for C. Difficile Infection

Best Calcium Supplements

As with vitamins, there is no one mineral that is going to relieve the symptoms of the C. Difficile infection. What is more important is making sure that when there is a regular outflow of minerals and other nutrients, such as when you have diarrhea, that you are replenishing those minerals. Typically, what is most recommended is upping your intake of most minerals. Making sure that you are keeping your body healthy is the most you can do, as a healthy body is better able to fight off an infection such as the C. Difficile infection.

#10 Discouraged Foods for C. Difficile Infection

coffee and blood pressure

Because the C. Difficile infection is one that targets the colon, and therefore, the digestive system, there are some foods that you need to stay far away from. These will usually be foods that are harder for your digestive system and colon to process and move. Foods that are fatty, acidic, spicy, and raw are ones that you should almost always stay away from, as it will only worsen your diarrhea. Caffeinated drinks are also highly discouraged, as they have been known to cause mild diarrhea in healthy people. Imagine what caffeine would do to someone who is suffering from the C. Difficile infection. Foods that specifically advertise themselves as fat-free foods usually have other chemicals in them to make up for the lost taste, meaning you should avoid those as well. This goes for foods that are sweetened artificially as well.

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