10 Best Sources of Fiber for Weight Loss

fiber for weight loss
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Fiber rich foods rank high among the foods that can help you lose weight. This is because they help fill you up faster than foods with low fiber content.

Fiber acts as a sponge and is also digested and absorbed slowly. This is the reason why it fills you up faster. It also provides bulk, thus helping in better elimination of digestive wastes.


Fiber for Weight Loss

Ideally, a person should get at least 18 grams of fiber daily, but most people get only 14 grams. To get adequate amounts of fiber for weight loss, here below are 10 good sources of fiber for you:

1. Beans

Generally, all types of beans are a rich source of fiber. It does not matter whether they are baked or not. For instance, half a tin of baked beans gives you 7gm of fiber.

You can choose to consume beans prepared with chili or beans as an ingredient for salads.

2. Whole meal and whole grain

To ensure you are getting enough fiber, avoid eating pasta and white bread.

Always check for whole meal and whole grain on the labels when you are out shopping.

3. Whole grain or brown rice

White rice does not contain as much fiber as whole grain rice or brown rice.

Avoid eating white rice if you want to maximize intake of fiber for weight loss.

4. Lentils and chick peas

Lentils and chick peas are two food items very rich as a source of fiber, protein, as well as low fat.

You can include them in your fiber for weight loss diet.

5. Nuts

Nuts are generally rich in fiber. However, walnuts, pecans, and almonds contain more fiber than other kind of nuts.

6. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is high in fiber whether stone-cooked or micro waved. In addition, porridge made from oats is a very good source of fiber.

7. Baked potatoes with skin

The skin of potatoes contains the richest part of the product as far as fiber is concerned.

8. Dried or fresh fruit

Both types of fruits are rich in fiber. If you can’t find fresh fruit, dried fruit can do.

For example, a piece of dried figs weighing 50g contains 4g of fiber.

9. Bran based cereals and other healthy cereals

For these types of cereals to be counted as high-fiber foods, they should contain at least 6g of fiber for every 100g of cereal.

For instance, 30g of bran flakes can give you 4 g of fiber.

10. Fruits and vegetables

Aim to have a portion of fruits and vegetables five times a day in order to get enough fiber. The crunchier they are, the higher the content of fiber they contain.

For instance, a medium-sized apple will give you 2g of fiber.

Key Takeaway:

In addition to helping you lose weight, foods that are rich in fiber also help keep your weight steady. This prevents you from becoming overweight in the future.

They also help lower the risk of certain health conditions, including constipation, cancer, heart disease, and piles.

People who don’t like consuming foods that are rich in fiber just because it gives them a wind, need to reconsider their decision.

This will just be a small sacrifice to pay compared to medical expenses that may arise. Consider the many health and weight loss benefits that can accrue if chosen to start consuming foods that are rich in fiber.

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