10 High Alkaline Foods To Promote Balance

High Alkaline Foods
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A highly-acidic diet promotes the kind of environment in the body that is conducive to a lot of diseases.

This is why in order to achieve balance inside the body, one has to eat more of alkaline promoting foods to stay away from acid-forming foods such as those that are bought from fast foods.

Is your daily diet filled up with acidic foods?

Stay away from processed foods and stick to a whole foods diet with more of the following alkaline-promoting foods.


High Alkaline Foods

1. Lemons

citrus lemon fruit food diet
Topping the list of alkaline-promoting foods is lemon.

Yes, you may argue that it has an acidic taste in the mouth while also leaving an acidic feeling inside the stomach but it is actually, no doubt an excellent alkaline-promoting food.

It is no wonder why it is the most popular immediate remedy for cough, colds, flu, acid reflux and heartburn.

2. Radish

Radish is just one of the many root vegetables that are known to be most alkaline promoting. Other alkaline promoting root veggies include carrots, beets, horseradish and turnips.

The best thing about these root vegetables is that you can just steam them and you can immediately have an acid-free meal in just 15 or 20 minutes.

Just in case you do not know, radish can also be eaten raw. Just remove its thin peeling then you can munch it to help you get rid of cough and colds.

3. Avocados

smoothies for diabetics
Avocados are among the list of high alkaline foods. Besides, a single 100-gram serving of avocado already provides 20 percent of your required daily intake of folate and 26 per cent of vitamin K.

This pear-shaped fruit is also heavy with monounsaturated fatty acids that are known to be beneficial for cardiac health.

4. Apricots

Apricots are not only rich in fiber. They are also packed with antioxidants – quercetin, catechins, gallic acid, epicatechins, proanthocyanidins, etc!

These antioxidants will surely give you a better fighting chance against free radical damage to avoid the onset of many illnesses.

5. Passion fruit

Besides being an alkaline-promoting fruit, passion fruit also boasts of potassium which is essential for keeping one’s heart rate and blood pressure within a healthy range.

This fruit is also an excellent source for other minerals such as copper, magnesium, iron and phosphorous.

6. Kiwi fruit

Kiwi packs more vitamin C than oranges and with its pH level of 8.5, it can also help promote the body’s alkalinity.

It is also a good source for the fat-free form of vitamin E that is beneficial for lowering one’s bad cholesterol levels while strengthening the immune system.

7. Asparagus

Your spring salad recipe wouldn’t be as delicious as it is without asparagus.

But, you should also realize that optimal health would not be fully achieved without the help of asparagus and any other vegetables that are alkaline-promoting.

Needless to say, asparagus is packed with fiber. It is also loaded with potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

8. Garlic

garlic for high blood pressure
Garlic is touted for its active compound known as allicin which has the ability to prevent blockage in the blood vessels.

Another equally impressive feature of garlic is its ability to help an individual lower his blood pressure thus making it a famous remedy for people who are known to have hypertension.

9. Watermelon

Watermelon is not just alkaline-promoting. It is also among the front liners in terms of high-lycopene content which is very beneficial for promoting cardiovascular health.

Its citrulline content is also helpful in the prevention of fat accumulation in the fat cells thus improving blood flow to the many parts of the body.

10. Sweet Potato

This is another member of the root vegetable family. Sweet potato is also a nutrient powerhouse food.

The ability to promote alkalinity in the body is coupled with the ability to support the immune system due its vitamin C and vitamin D content.

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