10 Best Recipes For Diabetics

best recipes for diabetics
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Diabetes has been ranked as one among the top killer diseases of modern times.

What is more surprising about the condition is for it being ranked as deadlier in comparison to diseases like aids and cancer, despite the fact that it is more manageable than the rest of them that is in the list.

The medical condition, being largely a lifestyle-driven illness, means that diabetes can be managed by simply making certain lifestyle adjustments.

It is worth noting that even when it has grown into a full-blown condition, diabetics can still find some solace in adopting simple diet plans that are known to produce splendid results.

This article therefore aims to view the condition from a diet point of view, by discussing 10 best recipes for diabetics.


Best Recipes For Diabetics

1. Three pepper pizza

This recipe entails preparing pizza and topping it with veggies such as bell pepper. It provides a great source for the much needed calcium and vitamin C.

In order to also achieve an extra boost of fiber, a whole-wheat crust is recommended.

2. Peanut Butter and Daily Sandwich Cookies

This is yet another great recipe for diabetics, and it involves making sandwich cookies using low-sugar peanut butter, served with a glass of fat-free milk.

The recipe works effectively for diabetics by boosting protein intake.

3. Honey grape fruit with banana

This is a largely fruity dish that comprises grapefruit and banana. It is often a dessert or breakfast plate, where mint is sometimes used to add flavor.

4. Veggie sausage cheddar frittata

Veggie sausage, low fat cheese and egg whites are simple substitutes that are known to cut back on unhealthy saturated fats.

The mere fact that a serving of the dish only contains 10 carbohydrates, it goes to show how beneficial the recipe is for diabetics.

5. Barley and black bean salad

Highly recommended for lunch. A serving of the salad may be high in carbohydrates, but it packs in about 12 grams of fiber and is also low in cholesterol.

6. Fresh berries with maple cream

This is a dessert of sweet fruit dish. It not only benefits diabetics due to the fact of being low in calories, but because it also helps them increase their intake of antioxidants.

7. Cookies and cream crunch

Cookies ‘n’ cream crunch is a dessert that features ice cream with no sugar added.

This is beneficial to diabetics by helping them cut down on carbs. It normally calls for pecans but in case you want a boost of monounsaturated fats, then almonds can be used instead.

8. Cantaloupe sherbet

This recipe is made by combining cantaloupe and fat free yogurt. It is a great way to maximize taste while still keeping an eye on carb levels.

9. Chili-fried potatoes

The recipe makes use of olive oil for it’s a healthy way to fake the flavor of fried foods.

Onions, chili-powder and a pinch of low fat cheese are used to create a zesty taste that’s devoid of fats and carbs.

10. Potato cakes

The dish is not only lower in carbs than most potato recipes, it can also either be served as a side dish or used as base to layer sauteed veggies and lean meat on top.

Sweet potatoes may be used for a boost in vitamin A and fiber.

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