10 Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up (Induce Vomiting)

How To Make Yourself Throw Up (Induce Vomiting)
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Vomiting or throwing up is a natural way of the body to get rid of toxins or harmful substances that make you feel sick. Sometimes, inducing to vomit will be necessary but should be done with utmost care.

Below are different methods that can get you to throw up easily.


How To Make Yourself Throw Up (Induce Vomiting)

1. Think About Throwing Up

This is simply a mind over body method. Whatever the mind thinks, the body becomes conditioned to do so. If you think of vomiting, it will likely happen.

It is the simplest way to induce vomiting that has been effective for a lot of people.

Find a place to vomit. Most people choose the toilet or sink, but you can also make use of a bucket.

Sit down or kneel but make sure not to press your abdominal area to avoid too much pressure over your stomach.

Focus your mind to a very disgusting thing you have seen, eaten, or drank. If you are disgusted by the thought of a bloody scene, you can focus your thoughts on it.

2. Watch Videos Of People Vomiting

Your imagination may not be enough to induce vomiting because it could instead make you more focused into thinking of the uneasy feeling you will likely experience during the actual moment such as dizziness, drowsiness, or weakness.

Help your mind concentrate on vomiting by watching a really disgusting video online.

Just search on Google or YouTube and you can find tons of videos of people throwing up. This should trigger your body to do the same thing to what you are watching.

3. Expose Yourself To Unpleasant Smells

If the two previous steps are not enough to make you throw up, work out your sense of smell in a way that it will assist your sense of sight and mind concentration.

Smell a very stinky thing and do it for some time until you feel nauseous and vomit eventually.

4. Use Your Finger

If you have already done the first three steps and see no results yet, using your finger can be effective in sparking a gag reflex.

• Make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands thoroughly.

• Cut your nails if necessary to avoid scratching your throat in the process.

• If you have long hair, pull your hair up to avoid it from getting in the way.

• Insert a finger or two into your mouth, pushing it to the back of your throat. The index finger is usually used in this method.

• Do this until you feel like gagging.

• Remove your finger quickly once you start feeling nauseous.

• If you already feel nauseous but can’t throw up still, repeat it a number of times more until you throw up.

• Wash your hands well after.

• Rinse mouth by gargling with plain water to remove the taste of stomach acid out of your mouth and throat. This will also protect your tooth enamel.

NOTE: Using your finger to induce vomiting is often unsuccessful the first time, so it is okay to try it several times until you throw up.

5. Use A Toothbrush

If the instructions above are not enough to trigger your gag reflex, it’s time to level up by using a toothbrush.

• Wet the bristles of a toothbrush.

• Brush it on the back of your tongue until you feel like gagging.

• Do it several times (similar to making use of your finger) until you successfully throw up.

NOTE: Wash the toothbrush thoroughly or better replace it with a new one. If you don’t like to insert anything in your mouth to trigger vomiting, consider the other methods. However, performing these methods along with the use of finger or toothbrush will help achieve faster results.

6. Drink Coca-cola

Coca-Cola contains fizz that can be helpful when it comes to inducing vomit. Just drink coke that has no bubbles, then drink water.

Do it in intervals – coke, water, coke, water until you throw up.

7. Gargle With Egg Whites

Most people cannot stand how raw eggs feel and taste in their mouth. Gargling with raw eggs can be a good way to induce vomiting.


• Separate egg whites from egg yolks with 2 to 3 eggs.

• Beat the egg whites in a bowl.

• Gargle the beaten egg whites.

• Wait until the need to gag sets up.

• If you feel like throwing up already, spit it out as you vomit away.

• If you can’t vomit yet, spit it out and gargle with it again so your mouth can taste and feel the disgusting egg whites.

• Repeat until it works.

8. Take Emetics

Emetics are over-the-counter drugs that serve the purpose of inducing vomit. It works by causing abdominal discomfort and stomach contractions.

Ipecac syrup is a very common example of an emetic. But there are also emetic tablets available in drugstores.

WARNING: Do not store ipecac syrup at home as it can be poisonous when taken in high doses. Do not take when breastfeeding. Don’t give to children below 12 years of age.


• Follow the syrup bottle instructions.

• After taking ipecac syrup, follow it up by drinking 1-2 glasses of water.

• Drink another dose if you are not able to vomit within 30 minutes.

• If it still does not work, do not drink any additional doses, rather consult your doctor right away.

9. Drink Salt Water Solution

Salt water is a great homemade folk remedy that has been used by generations.

Drinking water with excessive sodium chloride is effective in activating the stomach to induce vomiting and remove most of the content in your stomach.

• Dissolve 2-3 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water.

• Drink the solution very quickly to induce vomiting.

• Wait for 20-30 minutes for it to take effect.

WARNING: Consuming more than 1500 mg of sodium or ¾ teaspoon of salt per day can cause hypernatremia, an electrolyte problem that occurs when the sodium content in your body is as much as the total water content in your body. This condition can cause neurons to shrink and further cause brain damage and seizures. Using salt water may be effective in inducing vomiting but the risks is too high.

10. Drink Mustard Solution

A mustard solution has a very unpleasant and disgusting taste that should make you want to throw up as soon as you take it.

• Mix a tablespoon of mustard in a glass of warm water.

• Drink the solution really quickly.

• Wait for approximately 20-30 minutes for it to work.

WARNING: There is no scientific evidence to guarantee its safety. Side effects may occur.

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Key Takeaway:

Throwing up or vomiting is done to remove contents from the stomach that could be causing a discomfort. It can happen naturally when induced with enough concentration, along with videos and smelling of disgusting things.

The usage of a finger or toothbrush remains to be the most common methods. If not enough, you can take different solutions but should be performed with caution as side effects are possible. Contact your doctor when necessary.

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