10 Best Food & Diet Meal Plan for Stem Cell Transplant

Stem Cell Transplant Procedure
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We have heard about stem cell transplants but most of us are not sure what exactly is it, and when should we go for it.

Stem cells are basically early primitive undifferentiated cells that can grow into differentiated cell lines under controlled conditions.

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One thought on “10 Best Food & Diet Meal Plan for Stem Cell Transplant”

  1. I’m Autumn from Texas. I’m O-negative. I inherited it from my maternal grandfather who was Native American. He passed from Cancer at 74. He was never sick a day until Cancer came to call.

    I had a couple of allergies like milk, coconut.

    I became extremely ill in my 30s. I had Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue, and seriously thought I might not live! I had to have infusions every week. I remember going to work and being on the 610 loop in Houston and it looked like the 18-wheeler was coming over onto me. Figured I had an inner ear infection. Exited and turned around. I changed when I got home into a pair of shorts. Ray called me (close friend) and asked me to take a number down. I thought I was having a stroke! I couldn’t form numbers!! My words started to slur. I went to stand and the laminated wooden step I was sitting on ripped the skin off the backs of my legs and the skin on my ear ripped off when I tried to put the it down. I do remember crawling down the hall to the bathroom to pee. This lasted 7 days!!!. No idea what I had other than one of the EB infections. My mom came in my house once so I did not make it to a Dr.

    I was one of those kids that had it all (thank you Dad) except a normal mom. My mom thought up the first stalker from before I was born. I did figure out the truth but it really damaged my health. A couple of things helped my body to heal were moving back to the Hill Country. We had a ranch there since I was 6. The first time we went there I could feel an energy in the air. I really can’t describe it. Spring-fed rivers, semi-arid, but lots of cedar pollen. I had it once and never had it again. I could sit on the front porch with the cliff in front of the river and watch the sky start twinkling and then the mountains rise up as if on fire. This was a healing place. It healed me in every way possible. My dad hit his head and had brain surgery. I had to stay with him and take care of his businesses. We had to evict an extremely horrible man that was $28K in arrears so Dad, myself and a friend went down to talk to him. This man was sitting on the porch on my dads ranch (a different one). He said I was going to go to jail that day. I laughed. He locked his eyes with mine, and as God is my witness, with eyes blazing his face went backward and another came forward and it was Satan. If I could have looked away I would have but I couldn’t. As terrified as I was, I could only tell him in my mind that I’m a child of Christ and he would never win because God and Christ had me. Satan is the ugliest creature I could ever imagine. He had grayish green skin with pits for eyes, no bottom, horns that ran along the upper sides of his head, curving to the back of his head.

    Illnesses: Epstein-Barr Disease (10 years) due to years of extreme mental stress, fibromyalgia, thyroidectomy.
    darn close to dying due to very few T-cells), chronic fatigue,
    Food allergies: (milk) and coconut
    Blessed with special gifts pertaining to large and small animals

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