10 Natural Remedies To Escape From Obesity

natural remedies to escape from obesity
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It’s a rainy day, and you can’t help but keep on nibbling your favorite cookies and slurping hot cocoa, but you pinch your belly and you notice how flabby it had gotten over just a month. So you step into the weighing scale and plug in the value you get to your handy-dandy BMI app and to your dismay, you see that your BMI is 28. You are obese, and you seem to be keeping it that way. You shrug and ask yourself if you are alone in this endeavor.

Well, no, you are not alone, so don’t feel bad about it. Over 1.9 Billion people around the globe have the same problem as you do. But that doesn’t mean that you should just let it be since it’s a norm.

Society puts such a strong label to overweight people, and they sting, they actually do. It can be a blow to your self esteem. People may call you fat, and chubby, and while you’re not supposed to be ashamed about it, you still are suppose to get yourself trimming down a bit of the excess pounds to be more healthy. So how do we manage to keep obesity at bay?

First off, you need to pinpoint the cause, is it your diet? Is it your lifestyle? Do you work out? Do you even exercise? Second, get to change what’s wrong. Change your diet, trim down excess intake of carbs, increase water intake, and eat plenty of fiber rich food items. Then be more active, don’t just sit there, jog every morning, walk around more often and keep yourself busy. Third you get help from nature’s powerful ingredients to get those flabby tummy turn into healthy curves.


Natural Remedies To Escape From Obesity

So here are nature’s top 10 remedy for obesity, take note of them, maximize their use and don’t forget the last step, maintain this routine and you don’t need to be worrying about a 26 and above BMI.

1. A Glass of Water before Meals

You may have already heard about this popular tip, drinking a glass of water before meals, but you might probably how this has been proven. A research conducted in the University of Birmingham UK was conducted and this showed that people who drink 16 oz of waters 30 minutes before meal loss an average of 9 pounds.

Doing this would simply result to feeling full even before eating. In that way we reduce the amount of food that we take in. So try drinking a glass now before you eat your favorite dinner and see the difference yourself.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has been seen to do a lot of good things to our digestion. The high fiber content alone is enough to make us feel very full even without eating a meal. Fibers are very essential in our digestion too as it eases the passage of digested material into our intestines.

Apart from that it also exhibits laxative properties that shows o be very beneficial to obese. Just remember that you are not to grind the leaves, but rather you just need to scoop out the gel inside the leaves, that and nothing more. Mix it with honey. Or with lemon and drink it to the very last drop.

3. Apple Cider

This kind of vinegar is probably one of the most popular kitchen ingredient used in various health related problems like diabetes and flu, but did you know that it also helps in gradually decreasing all that excess fat in your body.

Thanks to the acetic acid content of Apple Cider Vinegar, it helps a lot in hastening the digestion process. It’s never a one click solution, but it works slowly and it’s very much effective. Just put 1 teaspoon of the vinegar to a glass of water, and drink this before you eat the meal. Remember that this is no miracle supplement; you need to couple it with a good diet and some healthy exercise routine.

4. Cayenne Pepper

This spice has always been big in the kitchen. It gives kick to ordinary dishes. But did you know that apart from its wide use in the kitchen that’s it’s also among the most popular ingredients in combating obesity?

Thanks to Capsaicin, the substance that makes cayenne peppers spicy, our body is able to improve its metabolism and lessen its capacity to store fat. It also blocks the effects of ghrelin, the hormone that makes us eat more. So if you love cayenne pepper, go and sprinkle a bit more.

5. Coconut

Famously known as the tree of life, Coconuts not only provide delectable pieces of thirst quenchers but also it’s the source of one of the best fat burning oil in the world- the coconut oil.

Coconut oils has shown to trigger the body’s metabolic system to go faster, which helps burn excess fats, and help utilize the fats that we intake in a much faster rate. Coconut oil is known to be thermogenic which helps a lot in raising the body’s energy expenditure.

So grab some recipes that uses coconut oil, or try finding those virgin coconut oil and drink a tablespoon every day to get the most out of it.

6. Curry Leaves

If you are a big fan of curry powder, then it pays to know what benefits you can get out of it. First off, they are made from curry leaves, a popular herb in India that contains a wide array of phytochemicals that are very beneficial to our body.

Curry is known to be anti-diabetic, which is quite needed by people who are having problems with weight. We all know that those extra pounds can heighten our risks to diabetes, so having a regular dose of Curry leaves in our dishes would definitely pay off.

Apart from that, like most of the ingredients here, curry leaves can also be very beneficial in the digestive process as it speeds up the digestion as well as the metabolism of nutrients.

7. Green Tea

Having a cup of your favorite blend of green tea can do more than just relax your nerves, because thanks to its catechin and caffeine, it also works quite well as a weight loss supplement. Research has also shown its ability to reduce the waist line too for over a 12 week period of time only.

8. Lemon Juice

There are tons of power juice recipe for obese people that utilizes lemon There’s the honey and lemon juice, the black pepper and lemon juice and the lemon and ginger tonic.

Lemon is found to have good doses of polyphenols which help maintain a proper weight by increasing the activity of fat breakdown in our cells. So go look for your favorite lemon juice recipe and drink it warm for best results.

9. Mint

Second to green tea, Mint Tea is also quite a crowd favorite for it’s very strong menthol smell. It also gives that cool sensation in our throat whenever we go for a sip of our favorite mint tea.

Drinking mint tea before every meal can help you feel less hungry. But this doesn’t work to dull your taste buds, on the contrary it enhances your sense of smell and tastes so even when you feel less hungry, you still feel very satisfied with your meal.

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are among the most popular super food. It’s jam packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to our bodies physiological processes. It’s quite good for the heart and the skin thanks to it’s high lycopene content.

Apart from those mentioned above, tomatoes are also well known to help lower down weight to a healthier level. The high water content, coupled with the acidic taste of this fruit helps in giving us the feeling full sensation. Mix in some salad with a healthy amount of tomatoes and have them a part of your weekly diet plan.

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