10 Smoothies for Diabetics
  • smoothies for diabetics

    10 Smoothies for Diabetics

    There are definitely some diseases or disorders that will limit the type of food you take. For instance; if you are obese, your doctor may recommended abandoning some diet practices in bid to control further weight gain. However, it doesn’t have to be that strict when you are diabetic. There are some smoothies to consider that you probably […]

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    10 Drinks For Diabetics

    Every day, more than 5000 people are diagnosed with diabetes. In a recent research among 7300 adults, it was found that 13% people have type 2 diabetes and the other 30% have pre-diabetes. This means a total of about 43% people in the world have diabetic patients. Our body’s metabolism becomes slower with increasing age. If you are […]

  • Hibiscus Tea Blood Pressure

    10 Hibiscus Tea Blood Pressure Essentials

    If you’ve been trying to find a natural remedy for lowering blood pressure but without success, it must be time to consider hibiscus tea. A recent study indicates that consuming three cups of hibiscus tea every day for around 6 weeks reduces SBP or Systolic Blood Pressure by as much as 7mm Hg. What the […]

  • coffee and blood pressure

    10 Coffee And Blood Pressure Facts

    Coffee is one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages. Today over 83% of the adults in the US cannot imagine a single day without coffee. There are lots of debates about the effects of coffee over human health. Some people say that caffeine is harmful, and another group of people believe that coffee is […]

  • best weight loss tea

    10 Best Weight Loss Tea

    Weight loss is nothing but burning more calories than we consume. We can achieve this by doing exercises and by bringing some changes in our daily meals. You can lose weight either by controlling your meals (i.e. reducing fat rich foods consumption) or by eating more healthily (eating more foods that help burning fat). To […]

  • best weight loss smoothies

    10 Best Weight Loss Smoothies

    Weight loss is never a walk in the park. It requires both discipline and effort. So much should be done just to ensure that one doesn’t pack on some extra pounds. Smoothies are just one of the perfect ways to sip away some such extra pounds for they offer the most delicious and nutritious way to […]

  • best protein shakes for weight loss

    10 Best Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

    Protein is a body building component of a balanced diet. Even though protein is popular on its use in building muscles among men and women, it is also a vital food component that can be used as an aid to weight loss. Protein shakes are specially made to reduce hunger cravings when used as food […]