10 Drinks For Diabetics

drinks for diabetics
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Every day, more than 5000 people are diagnosed with diabetes.

In a recent research among 7300 adults, it was found that 13% people have type 2 diabetes and the other 30% have pre-diabetes. This means a total of about 43% people in the world have diabetic patients.

Our body’s metabolism becomes slower with increasing age. If you are above the age of 45 and don’t take proper care of yourself, then it is quite possible that you will also get in the list very soon.

It is found that 65% diabetes patients are above the age of 45. Most people are careless about the disease and depend on medical treatment only after being fully caught with it.

But if we consider a healthy path, it is not difficult to prevent diabetes mellitus even if you are already predisposed to the disease. Spending a healthy lifestyle matters.

For diabetes mellitus patients, it is now really important to watch what you eat and what you drink.


Drinks for Diabetics

The best foods for diabetes patients are unprocessed foods such as fruits & vegetables. Each drink that you consume every day can sneak in extra sugar and carbohydrates.

This makes it really important to measure the sugar and carbohydrate level of every drink you consume. Here are few drinks that are the most beneficial to diabetics.

1. Milk

Milk is high in calcium, vitamins, and many other nutrients. It improves function of our digestive tract.

Camel milk is one of those rare functional drinks that can help you manage diabetes. Camel milk has sufficient insulin levels.

Cow milk can also be helpful but a risk is present for it’s high in calories and high in carbohydrates. Almond and soy milk are the best alternatives for cow milk.

2. Water

The best thing about water is that it’s free of calories, carbohydrate, and fat. That’s why it doesn’t affect your weight or sugar level.

You can spice up water with honey or lemon juice for a healthier drink. But don’t consume too much water for it can cause water intoxication or hyponatremia.

3. Fruit Juice

When it comes to juices, it’s always better for diabetics to have fresh fruit or vegetable juices instead of processed juice.

Its flavonoids content suppress the destructive oxygen free radicals, which further reduces the symptoms of diabetes.

But it’s very important to drink fruit juice in moderate amounts due to levels on glycemic index.

4. Ginger Ale

Just add a spoon full of grated ginger and another spoon of zero calorie sweetener of your choice in a glass of seltzer water and enjoy.

It’s a great low calorie and low sugar refreshing drink for diabetes patients.

5. Tomato Juice

Tomato contains a compound named lycopene.

Researchers have shown that lycopene helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and even certain cancers.

This makes tomato juice to be considered as a healthy drink for diabetics.

6. Tea

Black, oolong and green are the best teas (especially black tea) for diabetics, of course without sugar, but may take with sugar alternatives.

A study in China show that black tea has the highest amount of polysaccharides, which slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood.

Three cups of tea every day can lower the risk of diabetes by 16%.

7. Black Coffee

Some researchers suggest that coffee can reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.

In coffee, there is a compound named chlorogenic acid, which has an effect of reduced absorption of sugar in the blood.

But diabetics should drink black coffee i.e. without cow milk and sugar (sugar alternatives can be used).

8. Smoothies

Smoothies can be a refreshing drink for diabetics. But you have to choose fruits with low glycemic index.

Berries are a good option for diabetics. You can also add some flaxseed into your smoothies to get some added fiber.

9. Apple Juice

Apple is a multi-beneficial fruit. A study in Ohio state university have shown that eating only one apple a day for one month can reduce LDL cholesterol by 40%.

A good reason why apple juice is a good choice for diabetics.

10. Carrot Juice

Carrots are considered as a non-starchy vegetable.

According to a latest report of Stanford University School of Medicine, carrots contain a compound named beta-carotene, which have great effects on reducing type-2 diabetes mellitus.

The compound makes carrot juice considerably one of the most healthy drinks for diabetics.

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