10 Essential Weight Loss Powder Components

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When taking a walk through the corridors of shopping malls, we can find a variety of shops that sell supplements and natural based products. Right in front of you can be dozens of alternatives and remedies in dealing with health and medical conditions.

And when it comes to dealing with weight loss or obesity, you will also find several product display which are often made of herbs and plants as their main ingredient. Knowing that weight management is important for a healthy heart, blood and veins, it’s something to consider. However, keep in mind that situations to define results for each product may vary, considering that every body type, structure and case is different.

You’ll find that many of the components found in these supplements are usually promoted as a panacea, or something like a universal solution. Although, we must not forget the reality that there are differences in people, especially in terms of dietary and lifestyle practices which is considerably the main influence to one’s health and well-being. Also, it shouldn’t be ignored that there are several factors that can either promote or alter normal processes that takes place in the body.


Weight Loss Powder

One of most sought for supplements are weight loss powder products. It is known as the best dietary approach to assist in weight loss that could burn the most calories. Below, we would like to present 10 essential components that can be found in various weight loss powders that are considered to be the most potent and effective.

1. Carnitine

It helps you synthesize fats stored in adipose tissues to use as energy. It directly and indirectly helps you lose weight. If you complement it with a healthy diet and physical exercise, it will certainly enhance and speed up its effects.

Weight Loss Powder l-catnitine

2. Nitrous oxide

Nitric oxide does something similar to carnitine. Being a vasodilator, it gives you a lot more energy and accelerates the body’s metabolism. Unfortunately, nitric oxide is somewhat delicate for regular consumption.

It is usually recommended only for athletes with sufficient amount of time spent in the gym and only used in three periods. Abuse in the consumption of the product can seriously affect the body in a negative way.

Weight Loss Powder Nitrous oxide

3. Green coffee extract

Green coffee extract also adds to the fashion of foods that favor weight loss. It is a coffee bean extract that should be in its natural state, not roasted or grinded in the mill.

The main source for the benefits you can get from green coffee extract is a compound known as “chlorogenic acid“. It has shown a relationship with glucose uptake along with an antioxidant effect, a few from among other of its potential benefits.

Weight Loss Powder Green coffee extract

4. Magnesium chloride

It participates in numerous bodily mechanisms. The lack of magnesium chloride originates the development of many diseases, including obesity. An adequate supply of magnesium chloride in the diet will be necessary in order to display its beneficial effects around slimming or losing weight.

Magnesium chloride has a stimulating effect on digestion that acts to prevent acidity, while preventing constipation. The mechanism ensures complete evacuation of fecal wastes, which helps keep deflation of the digestive tract. It also has a natural relaxant to calm anxiety episodes where it helps you not to toss yourself to the refrigerator looking for food in desperation.

It also allows you to sleep better. It is one of the most essential components to have your struggle towards weight loss more effective.

Weight Loss Powder Magnesium chloride

5. Magnesium Hydroxide

In medicine, it is used as an antacid and laxative (known as milk of magnesia). For its laxative property, it favors the purification of the large intestine. Colon cleansing helps eliminate accumulated waste that usually cause enlargement of the abdomen.

Laxar is supposed to eliminate the “junk” that remains in the intestinal mucosa. When this is achieved, it is certain that it will decrease the accumulated size and weight of the area. Although this is not its primary function.

It’s suggested that it should only be of relevant use and not abused for it can backfire causing severe constipation.

Weight Loss Powder Magnesium Hydroxide

6. Garcinia Cambogia

Benefits of Garcinia cambogia

• It helps burn fat and rapid weight loss.
• Decreases appetite.
• Eliminate lipogenesis and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL). It reduces the production of cholesterol and triglycerides.
• Produces anti-inflammatory effects.
• Soothes and helps in the recovery of genital infections.
• Increases energy and vitality of the user.
• It contains large amounts of vitamin C. Very useful for strengthening the immune system and promotion of smooth functioning of the digestive system.
• It increases levels of serotonin along with mood improvement.
• It can act as a dietary supplement because of the large amounts of nutrients it contains.
• Combats constipation.

Weight Loss Powder Garcinia Cambogia

7. Chia

Salvia Hispanica or better known as Chia is a seed that was used in basic diet of early civilizations of Central America and México.

Today, many has been focusing in the various properties of the plant. Its high content of mucilage type of soluble fiber, which on contact with water hydrates, increases its volume forming an aqueous gel. This translates to a feeling of fullness when taken, thereby promoting reduced food intake.

The process involves dissolving it in water, yogurt or juice. It must be taken in about half an hour before meals.

Weight Loss Powder Chia

8. Mormon tea

Ephedra is part of a large family of stimulant plants growing on sandy soils in warm climates. It is a kind of famous ephedra plant that grows in the United States. It is the ephedra alkaloids that is present in the plant that makes it so valuable medicinally.

In addition, it has been promoted as the perfect natural substance for weight loss because it speeds up metabolism, increases energy and reduces physical hunger.

Ephedrine is usually contained as an element in bronchodilators and vasoconstrictor drugs, but its free use is prohibited in many countries.

Weight Loss Powder Mormon tea

9. Chromium Picolinate

It is a mix of picolinic acid and chromium. Chromium is a very important material the body requires in tiny quantities, naturally found in most foods like: fish, meat, potatoes, broccoli and bread.

Although chromium is sometimes combined with other ingredients, it is usually combined with picolinic acid to help the body absorb a greater amount of chromium.

Along with working to prevent the deficiency of chromium, the picolinate has a good effect on some situations such as appetite suppression (this makes it easier to follow a low calorie diet for long periods of time to finally result in weight loss), diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Weight Loss Powder Chromium Picolinate

10. Fiber powder

Constipation and obesity are related. Sometimes it is not clear if constipation is a cause or effect of being overweight. However, constipation retention can generate toxic substances that further complicate obesity.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to incorporate fiber to the diet, which will help prevent or treat constipation as it helps you lose weight. Fiber gives you satiety and reduces the absorption of fats and sugars from foods.

Benefits of fiber:

1. Increases satiety.
2. It reduces the absorption of some nutrients such as calcium, iron and saturated fatty acids.
3. Fermentation of colon bacteria.
4. Increases stool weight.

Weight Loss Powder Fiber powder

It is worth mentioning that no technique, product or process itself can serve as the magic wand to magically lose those kilos or pounds overnight; a balanced diet as well as a regular exercise plan will certainly favor not only losing weight, but also help achieve a great state of well-being and incredible lifestyle.

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