How Many Carbs in a Banana

10 Facts: How Many Carbs in a Banana

The word carb is a common short term for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are macronutrients being metabolized by the body to provide energy. Carbohydrates form important components of coenzymes such as the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). The two molecules are made up of a ribose which is a five carbon monosaccharide. The RNA actually also contains the … Continue reading “10 Facts: How Many Carbs in a Banana”

natural blood thinners

10 Natural Blood Thinners

Blood thinners are medicines used to prevent blood clot formation by hindering coagulation of blood. Unhealthy formation of blood clots may place an individual at risk to serious medical disorders such as heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Clotting is a natural biological process that prevents excessive blood loss due to tissue damage. However, the problem … Continue reading “10 Natural Blood Thinners”

mango nutrition

10 Mango Nutrition Facts

Mangoes are considered to be the “crown jewel” of all fruits. Apart from their scrumptious tropical flavor, mangoes are described to contain a host of nutrients which health promoting qualities. As a result, they have been known as a favorite. Without further ado, below are the ten reasons why you should be eating mango. Mango Nutrition Facts 1. … Continue reading “10 Mango Nutrition Facts”

herbs for diabetes

10 Herbs for Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is among the many lifestyle-related disorders that cannot be completely treated but can be alleviated. Regardless of the stage of the disease process, patients are prescribed to take various medications that aim to lower blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes complications. Along with taking medications, patients are also advised to adapt some changes in … Continue reading “10 Herbs for Diabetes”

foods for diabetics

10 Best Foods for Diabetics

Diabetes is a type of disease where an individual has elevated blood sugar levels. It happens when the body does not make sufficient insulin or the insulin in the body does not function appropriately. People with diabetes often experience frequent urge to urinate, hunger and thirst. There are two types of diabetes: Type I and Type II. … Continue reading “10 Best Foods for Diabetics”

fruits for diabetics

10 Fruits For Diabetics

Fruits should be a part of a diabetic diet because they are rich in minerals, fiber, and vitamins. One of the most significant practice many people ignore is ensuring to eat enough fruits every day. However, avoid eating fruits that are canned for they are rich in syrup or other types of added sugars. Below are 10 best … Continue reading “10 Fruits For Diabetics”