9 Essentials About Normal Platelet Count Range

Understanding The Normal Platelet Count Range

Maintaining a normal platelet count range is very important. If you don’t know what are platelets, in simple terms, platelets are blood components which have a very important role in blood clotting, very essential in the onset of bleeding.

Platelets are also known as thrombocytes. A low platelet count is a condition known as thrombocytopenia. It happens when platelets drop to a level lower than the normal range.

On the other hand, when the amount goes above platelets normal range, it is referred to a condition called thrombocytosis.

Such disorders can be by various means a result that can arise from several different factors like medical conditions, genetics and drug intake.

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It will be a really horrible situation to experience sudden and uncontrolled gushing out of blood from the nose, gums and other openings of the body. And sadly, it could happen with a really low platelet count.

Before that happens, better manage it immediately. This is usually a costly endeavor but there are affordable options such as all-natural remedies you can learn from money back guaranteed materials like Conquer Low Platelets.


Before we identify what is the normal platelet count range, let us first go through the following 10 reasons that will tell you what could affect a normal platelet count range:

#1 Pregnancy:

In certain cases of pregnancy, especially if the mother does not take proper care of herself, there may arise some possible problems that affecting platelet count normal range.

The mother has to make sure that she follows proper intake regime of a well balanced diet that contains all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, etc important during pregnancy.

Missing out poorly on even any one of the essential elements can result to undesirable adverse effects.

At times, it’s likely for the platelet levels to go low during pregnancy and may lead to thrombocytopenia. Knowing – what is normal platelet count – will certainly be a very important wisdom that pregnant women should be aware of.

platelet count normal range

#2 Blood which may contain bacteria:

Many times have there been cases where patient’s blood is contaminated with bacterial infections. Situations like this can lead to the demolition of platelets.

Immediate care needs to be the priority anytime this happens or it will lead to a far more life-threatening condition. You might as well be advised by a physician to be on medication.

A low or high platelet count is not something you can simply ignore. Dealing with it at utmost care can save lives.

#3 Dengue:

This is a very popular worldwide disease that can be spread by mosquitoes, a carrier of the dengue virus. It eventually leads to a drop below normal platelet levels.

The symptoms include high fever, joint and muscle pains, skin rash, headache and in moderate to severe cases, bleeding. The patient needs to be admitted to a hospital in order to get proper treatment.

platelet levels

#4 Gray platelet syndrome (GPS):

This is a medical disorder that occurs because of a disturbance in platelets count normal range. In this condition, as always, the patient needs utmost care.

This is a deadly syndrome, hence changes in platelet count shouldn’t be neglected but otherwise monitored closely.

#5 Asthma:

Asthma is a disease which is known to be caused by genetic factors. The symptoms displayed in the condition includes airflow obstruction, chest tightness, coughing, shortness of breath and many more.

Platelets have been found to be significantly an active participant in bronchoconstriction, bronchial hyper-responsiveness, airway remodeling and airway inflammation.

Decreased mean platelet volume has been observed in patients with asthma and allergy, which is more pronounced in children. This could be a result of systemic inflammation that is induced by cytokines.

In many cases of asthma, the patient has to take a nebulizer to keep its breathing levels normal. In severe situations, asthma can also be life-threatening.

what is a normal platelet count

#6 Malaria:

Malaria is a well-known disease that can be also spread by mosquitoes. It is an infectious medical disorder.

The condition can cause a person’s platelet levels to go down drastically. The symptoms are sort of similar to dengue. It can cause seizures, coma, yellow skin or death, but mostly only in severe cases.

The typical symptoms are fatigue, fever, headache and vomiting. The worst part concerning the disease is that symptoms can only be seen after around 10 to 15 days from the day the mosquito has bitten you.

Sometimes, it could take months to treat the condition.

#7 Aplastic Anemia:

This is a bone marrow disease that can cause the blood stem cells to be damaged. It is because of the deficiency that results to the blood platelet-related condition called thrombocytopenia.

The cause is usually said to be unknown. It is usually most evident in teens up to their twenties but also common amongst the elderly people.

It can be due to any exposure to chemicals, infection, radiation, or presence of immune related disease – but mostly is hereditary.

platelet count range

#8 Babesiosis:

This is a parasitic medical condition that is similar to malaria. It causes direct attacks to blood platelets.

There will be notable changes in comparison to normal platelet counts. It is mostly known as Texas cattle fever, piroplasmosis or redwater.

#9 Cancer/Chemotherapy:

A patient goes for a chemotherapy because he or she may need treatment for cancer. This can be an on-going process.

If the therapy is going well then there’s no issue. But if at all, in any case, the therapy results to a lower blood platelet count, it leads to chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia.


platelets normal range

Normal Platelet Count Range

What is a normal platelet count? It is very important to have a normal blood platelet count.

When decreased, there are various ways on how you can increase your platelet count levels and get it back in control.

Usually, to figure out if your platelet count is low or high, you have to go through various blood tests.

Your blood sample will be taken and will be placed through different tests. This will give answers if your blood platelet count is within appropriate levels or not.

There are certain foods that can help achieve and keep the count within platelet normal range. If your platelet count is low, the patient is suggested to consider papaya leaf juice, kiwi, dragon fruit, among some other fruits. To find out more, click here.

And if your platelet count is high, you will be asked to take some precautionary measures.

In many cases, an indivudual can also get abnormal platelet count due to certain medications. You need to be wary to what kind of medications you are taking.

The normal platelet count range is between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. A drop below normal platelets range can lead to abnormal bleeding. An increase above the normal range for platelets can lead to abnormal blood clotting.
normal platelet count
There are still various people who have many misconceptions that they need to be aware of. It is not right to simply judge whether a person’s platelet count is high or low through his body type. You have to undergo various blood tests to be sure.

Also, blood platelets should not be taken lightly, just like some other blood components. If there is any disturbance then you need to make sure that you consult a physician and get it treated right away.

The imbalance can be very dangerous. It can affect your body in various ways.

Adequate amount of knowledge and awareness can help maintain a normal blood platelet count. Hence doctors suggest patients to undergo regular check up.

Proper intake of fruits, food and liquid is important. Do not take things so lightly. If you commit to a regular check up, you can instantly identify anything that could be wrong with your health, allowing the opportunity to be able to get treatment right away.


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